Dear readers,

There may not be a lot of you that will again read another blog about health and beauty, or are even interested in my lifestyle or what is hapening right now in my life. However, I promisse you, I will be keeping things interesting and real.
Please know, that I am just a girl who is passionated about beauty and would love to share my thoughts about some products, introduce you into my daily life and sharing my daily outfit and makeup.

Now, getting to know me… That should be easy:

  • I am 21 years old;
  • I absolutly love my four cats (Yes, it is correct. Four cats);
  • Have a bachelor degree in Biochemistry;
  • Currently doing my Master degree in Nanochemistry and Nanomaterials;
  • I am unemployed;
  • I am also engaged and getting married next year (2018);
  • Currently looking for a house (I will update you on that);

There is a lot more to know, but for now, some basic questions are out of the way. I will be doing my best to be uploading a new blogpost every Monday, Wensday and Friday, and ocassionally, on Sunday. Every month, I will be sharing my favourites, and my regrets.

Please feel free to send any suggestions about any contents that may like to see.

Can not wait to see you in my next blog post!
Love you,


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