Long Time No See

Hey you! This post is a more different one since I’ll be doing a life update, why I haven’t been around and what has happened since my last post

If you’ve followed my blogging journey, you might have noticed that I had stopped writing and even considered shutting down my blog. My last post was 4 months ago, that is just crazy! So, what has happened ever since we last spoke? I got married! Yes, that did happen, on the 20th of October. Went on my honeymoon a few weeks later, moved and now here we are! Live has been good, and hopefully, I will have some more exciting news soon!

So, what to expect from now on? We’re back into the business. I will be returning to my blog and keeping the posting schedule (if you want to know more, click here). And you should expect two new posts every week.

Hope to see you here next time!

Love, NA


Why Is It Okay To Take Some Time Off?

Hey you! So today, I bring you a very different kind of post. As you may have noticed, it has been a very long time since I’ve posted anything here, and as much as I love blogging, I had to take some time away from it. Today, I’ll be sharing with you why is okay to take time off and why you should. So, if you want to know more, just keep on reading!

First things first, this is the time that I’m writing my master thesis, which is a very long history to tell and a lot of details to keep on the mind (without too much detail, I’m a graduated Biochemist, and my Master is about cancer and nanomaterials, which I love!). So, that takes a lot of time and effort to write it.

Secondly, I’m planning my wedding (while writing my Master thesis) and it can be a hand full. There are always things to do and, now, a month away from it, I can start to feel the anxiety.

Lastly, there was a time that I was not feeling too inspired and actually considered changing my uploading schedule to once a week, which seems so little time. I’ve decided that I’m keeping my uploading schedule and I’m so happy about it.

Now, why do I feel like taking some time away from blogging was important? It did allow me to see thing clearly and to fully acknowledge that I love blogging and I do want to keep doing it. And, even though we live in an era where there are a lot of blogs out there and keeping one up is a lot of work, if you love it, just keep doing it. Mental health is also such a huge topic and, being online sharing your thoughts, hope, and dreams, might be overwhelming but, keeping a positive mind, and when needed taking some breaks from all, might also be a good strategy.

Finally, without no more rambling, I’m back and I’m here to stay. Plus, after my Master is done, I’m planning to start a Youtube channel (big adventure, I know). I know that some great things are coming my way and I cannot wait to be sharing all of it!

How have you been feeling lately?




Why Doesn’t Our Makeup Look Like Their Makeup?

Hey you! So today we’ll be changing things up. I love watching tutorials or GRWM on Youtube and apart from decluttering and collection videos, those are also, one of my favourites. However, if you do try to recreate that look, you end up with a result that is different from the look which that person created. So, here I share the many reasons I attribute to that, and if you want to know what those reasons are, just keep on reading!

English languageday.jpg

Cosmetic Surgery/Procedure – Now, a lot of youtubers do not hide the fact that they had cosmetic procedures done, either being fillers, a nose job, laser hair removal or whatever. And, it is one of the main differences. Most people cannot afford cosmetic procedures, and a foundation does look a lot different if you do not have any fine lines or hair on your face.

Brushes – Trust me, I was one of those you did not think that brushes were the thing that was going to make a lot of a difference on applying my makeup, but, trust me, it does. Investing on some good brushes can go a long way, and the same goes for a beauty blender/sponge. Plus, they do have a lot of the same brushes, so theirs are always clean and ready to use, which does not happen to most people.

Technique – Most people are trained makeup artists, which do know the way around the products and, know very well their face. Plus, they have a lot of years of learning and training!

Editing – Keep in mind that the final product (video) that gets to us, most of the time does not correspond to all the work that happened behind the scenes. It does not mean that they did not have to do the same thing several times and perfect it.

Take Away Message – We’re all different and just because some things work for some people it does not mean it will work for all people. Plus, we all have different face shapes, different skin types and skin problems that we need and like to address. Plus, keep in mind that no one knows you face and skin better than you

What is your opinion? Let me know! NA


One Year Later | My Blogging Experience

Hey you! So today we’ll change things up and talk about blogging! So, last Saturday, June the 2nd, my blog, Pink Coma, turned 1 year. One year, that is just crazy how time goes by so fast. So, I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you all about my experience with blogging! So, if you want to know what my thoughts and experiences are, just keep on reading!

My Blogging Experience.jpg

Why did I start blogging

I started blogging because I was spending a lot of time at home, with nothing to do. So, I felt like blogging would be a nice hobby. I love makeup, beauty and testing new products. So, blogging was a nice way to keep me busy and also, to keep sharing my thoughts on products. It sounded like the best of both worlds.

My expectations

I thought blogging was going to be the most amazing thing. I did not though it would give me a lot of work, and I did think that I was going to have a lot of opportunities being a blogger and all.

The reality

Man, was I wrong. Blogging takes a lot of time and commitment, especially if you’re a small blog, like me, and you have to do everything on your own. There are photos that need to be taken, posts that need to be written, scheduled and published. A lot, to do. The opportunities did not come as easily as I first thought and life can also get in the way. I started by publishing three post a week, because I had the time, but after getting back into University for my Master, I quickly realized it was not possible ( I wrote a post going into detail about that). Plus, do not think that you’ll be able to do it all alone. You need to be kind and active on other blogs as well. Keeping up with the community is all very important. So, one year and 570 followers later, I do think that it was all worth it. Let me tell you, I love blogging and sharing my thoughts, but I also love hearing what other people have to say.

What has changed in my life

Nothing. Zero. It is still all the same. And, even though blogging has given me some opportunities (small), there were no changes. And I’m not mad about it. You’ve learned thing and changed them, even if there were no big changes, and no big money. If you love it, go for it.


Makeup Launches That No One Cared About | 2017

Hey you! So, today we’ll change things up and talk about products that launched and no one cared about them! These products came out and no one noticed it. That has to be weird, right? Actually, some of these, I’ve only heard maybe two people talking about them. However, if any of these products you have and love, great for you, plus, let me know, which ones do you love. This is just my opinion and in no way am I trying to offend anyone.

Of course, I do not own any of the products that I am about to talk about, so I’ll be using pictures from the official website. Now, with that out of the way, if you want to know what are the products that, in my opinion, no one talked about, just keep on reading!


Moschino + Sephora Limited Edition Collection – This is the first one that comes to my mind. Although it comes with quite some products, no one cared about this. However, if I’m being honest, I did see a person, talking about this but, that person, did not love this collection. The eyeshadows were ok, and so were the other products.


Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Sheer Lipstick & Blush Duo – This one is tricky, just because, when it came out, some people did a first impression on this, just because it was just such a different thing. However, after that was over, no one else talked about it. And, even though the lipstick works ok, the blush is not good, so no one talked about this, just because no one loved it.


Lorac Pirates of the Caribbean Pro Eyeshadow Palette – This hurts me to talk about. I adore every single movie ever done of the Pirates of the Caribbean. However, I felt like this palette was dropped in the middle of nowhere. It just appeared on the makeup world, and guess what, no one even noticed that it did come out.


Milk Makeup Holographic Highlighting Powder – When did this happen? This was just not talked about. I didn’t even saw people getting it in PR. Nothing at all. Milk makeup is quite strange, just because I find that most people do not like it, so maybe people were just afraid to go and get it. Plus, I feel like the holographic trend is way over.

Have you ever tried any of these? Do you love any of these? NA


Going on a Low-Buy

Hey you! So, I feel like these past posts were things that I usually do not post about. However, I feel like a change is needed and, even though my love and passion for beauty and makeup are very real, there are also other things that I do like to talk about. So, this time, I’ll be sharing my reasons why I’ll be going on a low-buy. And, if you want to know what those are, just keep on reading.


The reasons: As must of you may know, if you’ve been keeping up with my posts, I’m getting married this year (you can read about my experience so far here). And, marrying is expensive. So, we do need to save some money, so that we do not end up broke! Plus, after the marriage, we’ll be getting our own apartment, and again, we need money to do so.

Why a low-buy and not a no-buy? I adore makeup, and even though my collection is a little bit smaller now, due to some decluttering of the products that I do not like, I still have a lot. However, I like experimenting and trying new products and I could never go without buying some new things to try. So, I feel like the low-buy suits me better, since this way I feel like I can still purchase some things, so I do not feel obligated to not spend money on makeup.

My expectations: I have not set a monthly limit for me, just because, I feel like I would be more tempted to go over that limit. However, I feel like I should be good with the rules that I have so far. Regarding the duration of this low-buy, I want it to go probably until September, which is 6 months. Once we get to September, I’ll decide, if I want to prolong the time until December or just stop.

Let me know if you have done a similar thing and what your experience was! NA


Unsubscribing to Beauty Gurus

Hey you! So, today I bring you such a different post for me. Even though some of the beauty gurus I do love, however, some I believe are just the same, with the same ideas and same opinions. I just feel like the beauty community is getting too overwhelmed. So, these are the reasons that led me to unsubscribe to some channels. So, without further due, let’s get into the post!


Change of content – I do know that this is a delicate topic, because, when channels do grow, the content will change, just maybe because they want to reach a broader audience and, that is normal. However, everyone has its preferences, and the reason why I love beauty videos is, the beauty of it. Makeup and more makeup, that is indeed my passion!

Drama – Now, this is something, that no matter what you do for a living, it will come, that is for sure. But, when talking about people who you love to watch and even, might, admire, they may, at some point said or done something that you took personally or that you do not believe in. That is okay, for everyone to have their opinions, but nobody wants to offend anyone. Just do not get rude at people.

False information – This is something that I just cannot wrap my head around. There is nobody that loves everything that they’ve tried. Even if you’re getting PR, you should always keep you opinions honest. That is the main reason that people do stick. It is also very common, to hear someone say that they love a product, when testing it for the first time, and then, few time later, hey already hate it. And me, the viewer, am standing here, wondering why they change their mind so quickly.

Product’s Hype – I do know that when you love a product, you want to tell everyone about it and about how much you like it. However, just because it works for you, it doesn’t mean that everyone else loves it. Now, saying that you have to drop everything and run as fast as you can to go and purchase that item, it is just crazy. Plus, it all of the products coming out, these products usually get lost on the collection and there’s been years since they touched, because, nobody is talking about that product!

Have you unsubscribed from anyone? Why did you?






Wedding Plan Friday #1

Hey you! So today I bring you a different kind of post. As you may know, I’m getting married this year. Yes, we already have a date, it’s 20th of October of 2018. And we’re having around 70 guests. I’m so excited!

Wedding Plan.jpg

What to know when planning a wedding?

You’re going to spend money. Like, a lot. Just go into it with an open mind. And if you want to save some here and there, you have do DIY somethings. At least, that is what I find worked for me. So, what am I DIY? My box for all the money offers (that is a tradition where I live) and my wedding ring box (again, it is tradition for a little boy and a little girl deliver the rings). Plus, it is a lot of work! You need to have the time to plan, organize and talk to all of the people.

How to find the best?

Research, research and research! There are so many options out there and, if you want to find the best quality to cost ratio, you need to investigate everyone! That is just needed!

What do I have so far?

I’ve got my photographer sorted. We’re doing an engagement shoot, and I’ll be sharing the photos over in my Instagram! I’ve also got our wedding rings and the flowers for the restaurant taken care of.

What needs to be done? 

Anything and everything. The dress, the rings, the flowers, the church, the cake, the restaurant. Everything. There is so much that you need to think about and to start booking. Plus, let me tell you, the sooner the better!

There will be a few more post about the wedding, the dress and the final one on this series, will be the wedding itself! Cannot wait to share that!

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Staying True to Your Readers | Blogging Pet Peeves

Hey you! First things first. The next blog post, will probably be a health update, because, some crazy things have happened, and they’re just not the best news, but that’s a different blog post. And, secondly, there will also be a wedding organization update, so that you can know what’s been going on, and maybe share some tips with you!

So, today, I bring you a little different kind of a post. Let’s talk about pet peeves. I know, random, but, most of them are true and are worth looking into it, just to make sure you’re not getting into your readers’ nerves.

Ice Cream Party.jpg

Posting only positive reviews – I have nothing against reviewing products, I love it too, but there has to be something that you try and will not love it, it’s inevitable. Just be honest and tell whatever you might think, your readers will appreciate!

No pictures or pictures taken from the brand’s website – I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to take pictures of the product that you’re reviewing. I just feel like I cannot trust that review just because, I’m not confident that you do have this product.

Poor writing – You might think that this goes without saying, but if you’re a blogger, you need to master the way you write. I mean, that is how you’ll talk with your followers and this is how you’ll present yourself and your content. Just taking a little bit longer writing a post, can make wonders!

Follow/Unfollow social media – This is something that has touched me personally, and it just drives me crazy! You should follow the people that you love their content. There is no point in following and then just unfollowing.

Not being respectful – Just like other blogs, comment on other posts. You have to build your own reputation. Just kill them with kindness!

What are your pet peeves? NA






How to Keep up With Posting Schedule While in School

Hey you! So, today I bring a different kind of post, that I hope it will be helpful to some of you that might be in a similar situation as myself.

Let’s start from the top. As some of you may know, I started my blog in the beginning of Summer 2017, and at that time, I was a full-time blogger, and I loved it. However, university started, and I had to write my master thesis (which is no easy thing, but that’s a different post), so I no longer had time to be a full time blogger. So, what changed? If you want to know, keep on reading.

Sem Título.png

What to do?

Find a posting schedule that works for you – You don’t have to post every single day in order to have a successful blog, you just have to find what works for you and post high quality content! This was something that I had to change. because I was not able to keep up with my previous schedule. I used to post 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) but now, that is no longer possible, so now I post 2 days a week (Tuesday and Friday, go read the full post here).

Schedule posts – I cannot stress how important this is! I used to be a believer that I could do all. I could take photos, write the post al in the same day as I would post it. It worked when I was a full-time blogger, now, not so well.

Take advantage of your photo sessions – And take as many as you can for future posts! Trust me, when you’re writing the post and scheduling them on your blog, it will come on handy!

So, these were the advices that I found were very helpful to me and I hope that it will be for you too! NA

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