Mini Avon Haul

Hey you! Today I’ll be sharing with you my recent picks from Avon.

I’m aware that Avon is a brand that is slightly controversial in the beauty community, due to some people thinking that it is not a good brand or they do not have good products. However, I buy from Avon since forever now, and I quite enjoy their products, so I’ll keep buying, just because, I think that they’re actually nice! So, without furthr due, let’s jump into it!


Pur Blanca Body Lotion – I own a lotion version of my favourite Avon perfume (which is Far Away, if you’re wondering). However, I’ve recently tried this perfume and I quite enjoy it, it is a very “pure” scent. So, I just picked a body lotion.

Contour Duo – This looks promising! The contour looks amazing and so does the highlighter. I’ll give it a go and hopefully it will look as good on the skin as it does in the pan!

Calming Effects Powder Foundation in Nude – Now, I already own this foundation but in a slightly darker shade and I love it (I think I love it more than the Bare Minerals one). So, I picked a lighter shade for the cooler months!

Big & Multiplied Mascara in Brown Black – I love a good brown mascara, especially in those no-makeup days. It just looks so natural. So, I picked this one to see how much I like it.

Extra Lasting Concealer in Fair – I love trying new concealers! It’s one of my favourite things to try! Also, I really like the Extra Lasting line, so this concealer looks good and full coverage, which is always nice! And this shade, it’s perfect for under the eyes!

Skincare Staples

Hey you! Today I’ll be sharing with you my skincare staples! These are products that I always keep in my collection which I use religiously and always go back to.

I do not include some of my other skincare steps, such as serum or oil just because I do experiment with these a lot, but I haven’t the ones that I unconditionaly love. However, the ones that I’m currently loving I cannot feature on my blog, since I do not know where they were from. Let’s jump into it!


Biotherm Foaming Cleanser Gel – When I first used this I was not that impressed. However, I kept reaching for it, and in the long term, I did see improvemenets in my skin texture and oils. I also find it not too harsh that I strips my skin down. So, now, this is one of my favourite cleansers.

Biotherm Invigorating Toner – Now, I have talked about this product before, and I love it. I’ve repurchased it so many times and, even though I also try other toner, this is the one that I compare them to. It is just too good! It hydrates the skin and it does not feel heavy or leaves any film on the skin.

Avon Planet Spa Luxuriously Refining with Black Caviar Facial Moisturizer – From all the moisturizers that I have ever tried, I’ve never found anything that comes slightly close to this one. It moisturizes my skin and keeps me matte. I mean, all day, matte. It is just perfection! However, this seems to be discontinued from Avon. I’d love to know if I can still get it.

L’oreal Pure-Clay Purify and Mattify Face Mask – When I first tried this I did not had high hopes for it. Just because it seemed to good to be true. However, this mask will keep my skin matte. It is amazing. It does not feel too harsh to my skin (which is quite sensitive) and it works really nice. Especially for my oils!

Let me know what are your skincare staples! NA


Favourite Makeup Products Under $10

Hey you! Today I’ll be sharing with you my favourite makeup products that are under $10. Now, since these are quite affordable product, I quite wear them on an everyday basis.

Now, I had every intention to share a full face of makeup, however, that I didn’t want to do, because there’s so many post like that, so instead, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite products that are drugstore so quite affordable.

Let’s get started.


Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder –  $3.99 – This is a holy grail makeup product. And, if you have oily skin like me run to your local drugstore and get this product. It is so finely mild and it keeps me matte all day without looking like powder on your skin! Highly recommended!

Rimmel Good to Glow in Soho Glow – $6.49 – This is just that I’ve only recently discovered but it has become one of my favourite products from the drugstore. First of all, it smells amazing and I always like when makeup smells good. Also, it is such a nice highlighter, which is also buildable. It gives a nice sheen to the skin. Love it!

Essence Sheer & Shine Lipstick in Brick Is Chic! – $2.49 – I did not thought I’d like this formula as much as I do! It is shinny and leaves your lips looking plump. Also, it is quite long-wearing and it wears into a nice stain. Love it!

Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base – $3.49 – Now, I could never know that I was going to like an eyeshadow base from the drugstore because of my oily eyelids, however, this one is quite amazing. If you set it with powder (like any other) it will keep my eyeshadow on all day, without any creases or any fading!

Essence Matt Touch Blush in Rose Me Up! – $5.10 – I love matte blushes and this one just gives a nice flush to the skin. On the pan, it looks like nothing amazing, but once on the cheeks it is just the perfect rose blush for an everyday look!

Catrice Allround Coverstick Concealer – $3.49 – Now, I’ve talked about this concealer numerous times in my blog and I’ll keep talking about it! It’s amazing! It is super creamy and hydrating and has an amazing coverage. All I want in a concealer!

Maybelline Master Sculpt in Light/Medium – $9.99 – Close, I know. However, this is one of my favourite bronzer/contours from the drugstore! The highlighter I do not like. It’s just glitter, which, for me personally, doesn’t look good. But the bronzer side it’s amazing. I use this every day! Either for my face or even as eyeshadow. I just love it!

Let me know what product you love from the drugstore! NA




Top 3 Brushes

Hey you! Today, I’ll be sharing with you the brushes that I am currently loving! These I use everyday to do my makeup and I love them. One of these I’ve loved for a long time and another one is just a new discovery, if you want to know, keep reading!

So, let’s jump into it!


Real Techniques Buffing Brush – Although it seems like an angled top, it is not! This brush is currently my favourite brush to apply powder fondation or even just the powder to set my face. It is so soft and it applies product nicely without making me look cakey (which is my main issue with applying foundation with brushes).

Nars Yachiyo Brush – I’ve talked about this brush before (read it here) and I’ll keep expressing my love for it. It is he perfect brush for bronzer! I use it for contouring and to apply my blush and I just love how slightly pointy it is, making the contouring so easy! Also, I own 3 of these, so you know how much I love it.

Naked 2 Double Ended Brush – I did not know what should I call this brush. Anyway, these brushes that come with a palette I usually throw away, just because I find that I never use them. However, this one was a find and it is all I use to do my eyeshadow (on an everyday basis). It blends the eyeshadow so effortlessly and the pointy side is perfect or eyeliner (yeah, I was just as suprises as you are now). I just love it!

Tell me what are your favourite brushes! NA


Summer Hacks

Hey you! I don’t know about you, but I do not like summer. At all. So, to make this season easier, here are some hacks for the everyday life! They are super helpful and handy and some may be your new life saver!


Freeze your water bottle – This is something that I actually do all the time. All you nedd is a water bottle, fill it and then freeze it! I take this to the beach, to work (if I’m working though the hotter months) and this will keep your water cooler for longer!

How to store your values – So, this is one that I actually just learn last year or so, and I’ve been using it when I go to the beach. All you have to do is cutt open and clean an old sun lotion bottle and the, you can store your keys, phone and money in it. Nobody will ever know!

Kill those mosquitos – I don’t know about you, but mosquitos think that I am some kind of snack that they can eat all day all the time. I get bitten all over, and it gets bruised, which sucks! So, in order to avoid this, cut a lime and stick in it some cloves. And here you have a cheap bug repellent!

Chilled drink – So, you just got home but totally forgot to put some drinks in the fridge before and now, you’re thirsty and there’s no cold drinks. No more! All you need is a wet paper towel rapped around the bottle and freeze it for 15 min. Fast and chilled drink!

Cool the steering wheel – I hate having to drive with a burning hot steering wheel. So, all you have to do it turn it all you can, so when it’s time to drive the part that is hot will be turned down, and the top part will be cold.

Aloe Vera cubes – Got a sun burn and you’ve just ran out of your after sun lotion? No problem. Put some aloe vera gel into the ice cube trays and let it freeze. Apply this to the affected area and it will soothe the skin.

Tell me what are your favourite summer hacks! NA

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Vichy Pore Purifying Clay Mask – Review

Hey you! And welcome back or welcome, if you’re new here! Today, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on the Vichy Purifying Clay Mask. Now, this has to be the first mask that I try from Vichy, so, we shall see how this works out. Also, let me tell you that this is a sample that came with something else that I purchased, so if I do enjoy this product, I’ll for sure get the full size!

Now, let’s jump into it!


Cost: Full size retails for $20 which is not expensive, considering that you get 75 mL. Also, there is samples available for trial for $3.50.

Claims: Suited for all skin types, with shine and enlarged pores.
This clay mask is rich in two white clays [Kaolin, Bentonite] that act like a ‘magnet’ to draw out excess sebum and impurities from the skin. Combined with Aleo Vera extracts to hydrate and sooth skin and Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water to help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier function and protect against aggressors. Paraben-free.


My experience: Now, beware that this mask smells a lot like clay also, it has a thick texture so a little goes a long way. While on the skin, it feels super lightweight and highly moisturizing to the skin. You can still smell it while it is on, but for me, the smell does not bother me. After rinsing it off, the skin feels super hydrated and so smooth. And, call me crazy but my pores seem to be smaller and for sure a lot cleaner.

Conclusions: This mask is a new discovery for me and once I leave the house I will purchase the full size of this. It’s amazing! Highly recommended!



My Bucket List

Hey you! Today, we’ll be changing things up, since I’ve decided to share with you my bucket list! I hope you enjoy this post and I do hope that some of these may inspire you to go and do what you’ve been wanting to do for so long! Also, please know that these are not arranged in any particular order.


  1. Get married;
  2. Rent a house;
  3. Have a baby;
  4. Buy a house;
  5. Go to Iceland, Hawai, Poland and London;
  6. Visit Thailand;
  7. See the Tour de France in person;
  8. Have a spa day;
  9. Be contacted by a PR brand;
  10. Be a bridesmaid;
  11. Go to the Olympics;
  12. Fly first class;
  13. Go to a blogger event;
  14. Host a giveaway;
  15. Learn Latin;
  16. Get my own blog domain;
  17. Visit the Vatican City;
  18. Visit Santorini;
  19. Visit South Korea;
  20. Dye my hair;
  21. Own a car;
  22. Finish my degree;
  23. Grow my hair out;
  24. See the Mona Lisa;
  25. Live in a different country;
  26. Go to Dracula’s Castle;
  27. Learn Yoga;
  28. Go on Erasmus;
  29. Get a job;
  30. Win something (a giveaway, a lottery ticket, anything);
  31. Go on a cruise;
  32. Spend Christmas in some place that has snow;
  33. Go to Opera;
  34. Watch a meteor shower;
  35. Have a walk-in closet;
  36. Drive down Route 66;
  37. Shop in New York City with my best friend;
  38. Have a photo shoot;
  39. Learn Russian;
  40. Meet Johnny Depp;
  41. Let my hair grow really long;
  42. Kiss my boyfriend in the rain;
  43. Get a pet rabbit;

These are most of the things that I want to do in the next few years. I will be uploading you, on what I’ve accomplished and what has been more difficult to do. Also, there’s a few things that I have already done.

Let me know what is in your bucket list! NA

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