Empties #2

Hey you! Today I bring you another empties post. I do want to apologize for not being an active blogger, these past days. However, the next post, will be a wedding and life update, so it should explain a lot! But, if you want to know what my empties are, keep on reading!


Pantene Foam Conditioner

  • Rate – 5 out of 5
  • Repurchase? – Yes, definitely!
  • My thoughts – I’m so lazy to do hair masks and treatments, this was the perfect solution. I just apply it in the shower leave it in for a few minutes, and since it absorbs so quickly, it is a dream come true. It just leaves my hair smooth and soft!

Avon Far Away Moisturizing Bath and Shower Gel

  • Rate – 4 out of 5
  • Repurchase? – Maybe
  • My thoughts – This is a nice shower gel, plus it smells like one of my favourite perfumes. However, it’s like all of the others shower gels, but really nice nonetheless.

Avon Naturals Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

  • Rate – 4 out of 5
  • Repurchase? – Yes.
  • My thoughts – This is a very good shampoo if you struggle with dandruff. It leaves the hair fresh and so light. Just full of life. A nice product for sure!

Avon Cocoa Butter Revitalizing Moisture Hand Cream

  • Rate – 4 out of 5
  • Repurchase? – Yes.
  • My thoughts – A lot of Avon products this time! This was a nice product and it smelled really nice. Plus, it left my hands feeling so soft. And, it did last a long time!

Labello Med Repair

  • Rate – 4 out of 5
  • Repurchase? – Yes.
  • My thoughts – It was one of the most moisturizing lip balms I have ever tried. Definitely a must-have in the winter time!

Let me know did you try any of these products before? What is last product that you used up? NA


Staying True to Your Readers | Blogging Pet Peeves

Hey you! First things first. The next blog post, will probably be a health update, because, some crazy things have happened, and they’re just not the best news, but that’s a different blog post. And, secondly, there will also be a wedding organization update, so that you can know what’s been going on, and maybe share some tips with you!

So, today, I bring you a little different kind of a post. Let’s talk about pet peeves. I know, random, but, most of them are true and are worth looking into it, just to make sure you’re not getting into your readers’ nerves.

Ice Cream Party.jpg

Posting only positive reviews – I have nothing against reviewing products, I love it too, but there has to be something that you try and will not love it, it’s inevitable. Just be honest and tell whatever you might think, your readers will appreciate!

No pictures or pictures taken from the brand’s website – I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to take pictures of the product that you’re reviewing. I just feel like I cannot trust that review just because, I’m not confident that you do have this product.

Poor writing – You might think that this goes without saying, but if you’re a blogger, you need to master the way you write. I mean, that is how you’ll talk with your followers and this is how you’ll present yourself and your content. Just taking a little bit longer writing a post, can make wonders!

Follow/Unfollow social media – This is something that has touched me personally, and it just drives me crazy! You should follow the people that you love their content. There is no point in following and then just unfollowing.

Not being respectful – Just like other blogs, comment on other posts. You have to build your own reputation. Just kill them with kindness!

What are your pet peeves? NA





January Favourites | 2018

Hey you! Can you believe it’s the end of January already? Crazy, right! However, this also means that it is time to another favourites post! So, if you want to know what I was loving this past month, keep on reading!


ELF Makeup Mist & Set in Clear I did think that i was not going to like this seting spray, just because I’m too picky when it comes to setting sprays. However, this has a nice mist and it does set my makeup nicely, getting rid of the powdery look. I’ve been using it everyday!

Avon Color Trend Lush Lip Balm in Berry I picked this up, and I’m glad I did. It is such a dark red wine, but since it’s a tinted balm, the colour is not as strong as you’d thought. It’s a nice formula, a nice colour and a nice touch to the everyday makeup!

Diadermine Mattifying Day Cream – I’ve loved this moisturizer for so long and I’ve talked about it in my blog before. However, lately, I’ve been loving to use this to prime my skin before applying any base products. And, it does work really nice for that. All the other products just go on top so smoothly!

Technic Highlighter Stick in Bronze I’ve recently pulled out this product from my makeup collection and I’ve been using it everyday since. It is such a nice, natural and yet quite “in your face” highlighter. Plus, this champagne shade works so well with my skin tone!

W7 Chunky Bronzer in Hawaiian Bronze Again, I’ve talked about this product before, but, like he highlighter, I’ve recently pulled it out of my makeup collection and I’d forgotten how good it is. Such a natural looking colour.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Light Medium If you follow my blog, you might know that I was so excited to get this product, but once I tried it, I just did not fell in love. However, the more I used it, the more I reached for it. And, now, it is in one of my project pan (let me know if you want to see a post about it). This guy, is the never-ending concealer. But is actually a nice product, so I am enjoying it!

What were you loving this past month? NA


iHerb Haul

Hey you! Today, I bring you, once again another haul! It is crazy how many hauls I’ve done lately, and it might be enough for you, but I’m quite happy with my makeup collection at the moment. Plus, it is always nice to try some new products!

For those of you who might not know, iHerb is an online store that sells natural products as well as makeup and skincare at an affordable price with a low shipping price. In case you’re interested, were I leave my code: NIL0447 or my link which can get you an additional 5% discount in the products acquired. So, without further due, let’s jump into it!


ELF Cosmetics Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder in St.Lucia – I was so nervous on ordering this shade, just because I’ve heard people say that the shades were too shimmery and did not look nice once they’re on the skin. I’ve only swatched it, but I love this guy. The bronzer has a sheen to it and I adore it!

ELF Cosmetics Makeup Mist & Set in Clear The first thing I did once I got this one, was smelling it, and let me tell you, it does not have a nice scent. However, if the product was nice I could put up wih it. However, I do not find that it does make a difference. I’m so picky with my setting sprays, and this one isn’t my favourite.

ELF Cosmetics Tinted Moisturizer in Nude I love a light base, and this one seems like a dream. The colour is nice, but I haven’t tried it on my face yet. Can’t wait to try it.

ELF Cosmetics Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in Fair/Glow This product really intrigued me and it seemed amazing, I mean, a concealer and a cream highlighter in the same product, such a time saver. Again, I’ve only swatched it and it does look nice.

ELF Cosmetics, Tone Adjusting Face Primer in Neutralizing Green I so wanted a primer that could help neutralize my skin, however, I was not expecing it to be a silicone based one. I just do not like the products that are silicone based.

ELF Cosmetics, Beautifully Bare Smooth Matte Eyeshadow in Soft Beige – I was so indecesive wether I should actually get this shade, because online, it just seemed too pink. However, it is not. It’s a beautiful peach shade, which I cannot wait to try it on my eyes!

Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts? NA


Yet another TAMBeauty Haul

Hey you! Let me update you: the reason why I missed last week posts is because my grandfather dies last Tuesday (the 15th of January), so last week was crazy, so I decided that I’d take a few days (a week) away from blogging. Also, I’m getting married! I’ve been engaged for a year and 2 months now, and we’ve finally decided that the wedding will be in October! Which is so exciting! So, I’ll be sharing my experience with you!

Now into the post! So, I posted another order in TAMBeauty. I do love their products and I did want to try some more. So, if you want to know what I got this time, keep on reading!


Makeup Revolution Radiant Light in Breathe When I got this, I looked at it and it was too shimmery, so I thought I’d hate it, however, when I swatched it, it’s so different! It is the most beautiful powder and yes, it does really reminded me of the Hourglass powders, which I’m not mad about.

Freedom Pro 12 Eyeshadow Palette in Secret Rose Yes, I went a little too crazy with eyeshadow palettes and I do not mind. They’re gorgeous! This one I feel it’s the one that I won’t use that much, but I do like the formula of these.

Freedom Pro 12 Eyeshadow Palette in Fabuleux This one has some amazing colours as well. And the formula, once again, it’s amazing!

Freedom Pro 12 Eyeshadow Palette in Stunning Smokes This one is my favourite one. The colours are amazing and I feel I’d use it a lot! And, like I said, I adore the formula!

I ♥ Makeup Obsession Palette in Born to Die Again, these colours are stunning. And perfect for an everyday use! And the formula is quite comparable to the Freedom ones. They’re quite buttery and nice to work it.

Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them? NA



Thoughts on my iHerb Haul

Hey you! So, last summer, I placed an order in iHerb (use code: NIL0447, if you want to get a discount), and I’ve written a post sharing all the products that I did get ( you can check it here).

So, I find that it’s time that I share my thoughts on those products, since I’ve had time to try them and now I know how I fell about them! So, let’s just get on with the post!


ELF Cosmetics HD Lifting Concealer in Light This is just not my favourite product. The shade is too dark for me and I find that the formula does nothing for me. It does not covers that well.

ELF Cosmetics High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder in Sheer Even though you get the littlest amount of product in this guy, the product itself is amazing! It is so soft and finely mild, that I find it does compare to a high-end powder. It sets the concealer in place, without looking cake or too much. I cannot recommend this one enough!

ELF Cosmetics Hydrating Under Eye Primer – There are some concealer that tend to crease on me and this product does really help with that. It keeps the under eye are moisturized and ready for the makeup to be applied on top. It is a nice product!

ELF Cosmetics Contouring Blush & Bronzer Powder in Fiji-Matte When I got this I thought it would be more pigmented that it actually was, but that is actually not a bad thing. I do really enjoy the bronzer in this palette! And the blush is a nice every day pink shade. This one I’d recommend!

ELF Cosmetics Bronzer Palette in Bronze Beauty I was so excited to finally get this palette. However, I did find that the shades were too light and ended up getting rid of most of the shades, except for the darkest matte bronzer. Even though it looks red-based it looks so natural once on the skin. This palette would be better for those who have a lighter complexion than me. The formula itself, is nice and soft. The product does blend really easily! Overall, a nice product.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them? NA



My Favourite Beauty Products of 2017

Hey you! Firstly, happy 2018! And, since it’s the beggining of the year, I find it is time to share the products that did stand out in 2017!

I did think about doing it only with the products that released in 2017, but I found that there was others that I want to include. I also thought that I should do a product for every category, but then again, there were products that did not stand out to me in every single category. Also, if you’re wondering what those orange sticks are, those are the products that I want to finish this year! So, without further due, let’s jump into it!


W7 Chunky Bronzer in Hawaiian Bronze I adore this product to bronze my skin. And even though it has a slight sheen to it, it just looks so natural on the skin. It is such a nice product and so affordable!

Avon Ideal Flawless Nude Matte Fluid Makeup in Bright Quartz OMG! I cannot recommed this foundation enough! And, coming from someone, who does not love to wear foundation, this one is great. So light-weight and almost watery. It blends like a dream!

Tarte Shape Tape in Fair Neutral When I first got this concealer, I was not that blown away by it, but I found myself reaching for it every time I did my makeup. It blends so well. And I find that it does not crease under my eyes.

Maybelline Brow Satin in Dark Brown This is a dual ended brow product and even though I love the pencil side of it, I love the other side even more. It has a filling powder and it makes doing your brows so easy and fast! Couldn’t recommend it enough!

Essence Make Me Brow in Browny Brows This is such a hidden gem at the drugstore! It tints the eyebrows and keeps them in place all day! Plus, it is so affordable. There is no down side to this product!

Essence Sheer & Shine Lipstick in Glamour Queen This is such a my lips but better colour, which makes it super easy to wear with any makeup look! And it does lasts a decent time on the lips. Great product for everyday use!

ColorPop Super Shock Shadow in I Spy I belive this colour is discontinued but I was reaching for this shade for the everyday makeup look! It looks so nice all over the lid and slightly blown into the crease! The perfect shade!

What were you loving in 2017? NA