Top 3 Brushes

Hey you! Today, I’ll be sharing with you the brushes that I am currently loving! These I use everyday to do my makeup and I love them. One of these I’ve loved for a long time and another one is just a new discovery, if you want to know, keep reading!

So, let’s jump into it!


Real Techniques Buffing Brush – Although it seems like an angled top, it is not! This brush is currently my favourite brush to apply powder fondation or even just the powder to set my face. It is so soft and it applies product nicely without making me look cakey (which is my main issue with applying foundation with brushes).

Nars Yachiyo Brush – I’ve talked about this brush before (read it here) and I’ll keep expressing my love for it. It is he perfect brush for bronzer! I use it for contouring and to apply my blush and I just love how slightly pointy it is, making the contouring so easy! Also, I own 3 of these, so you know how much I love it.

Naked 2 Double Ended Brush – I did not know what should I call this brush. Anyway, these brushes that come with a palette I usually throw away, just because I find that I never use them. However, this one was a find and it is all I use to do my eyeshadow (on an everyday basis). It blends the eyeshadow so effortlessly and the pointy side is perfect or eyeliner (yeah, I was just as suprises as you are now). I just love it!

Tell me what are your favourite brushes! NA


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