Why Doesn’t Our Makeup Look Like Their Makeup?

Hey you! So today we’ll be changing things up. I love watching tutorials or GRWM on Youtube and apart from decluttering and collection videos, those are also, one of my favourites. However, if you do try to recreate that look, you end up with a result that is different from the look which that person created. So, here I share the many reasons I attribute to that, and if you want to know what those reasons are, just keep on reading!

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Cosmetic Surgery/Procedure – Now, a lot of youtubers do not hide the fact that they had cosmetic procedures done, either being fillers, a nose job, laser hair removal or whatever. And, it is one of the main differences. Most people cannot afford cosmetic procedures, and a foundation does look a lot different if you do not have any fine lines or hair on your face.

Brushes – Trust me, I was one of those you did not think that brushes were the thing that was going to make a lot of a difference on applying my makeup, but, trust me, it does. Investing on some good brushes can go a long way, and the same goes for a beauty blender/sponge. Plus, they do have a lot of the same brushes, so theirs are always clean and ready to use, which does not happen to most people.

Technique – Most people are trained makeup artists, which do know the way around the products and, know very well their face. Plus, they have a lot of years of learning and training!

Editing – Keep in mind that the final product (video) that gets to us, most of the time does not correspond to all the work that happened behind the scenes. It does not mean that they did not have to do the same thing several times and perfect it.

Take Away Message – We’re all different and just because some things work for some people it does not mean it will work for all people. Plus, we all have different face shapes, different skin types and skin problems that we need and like to address. Plus, keep in mind that no one knows you face and skin better than you

What is your opinion? Let me know! NA


Unsubscribing to Beauty Gurus

Hey you! So, today I bring you such a different post for me. Even though some of the beauty gurus I do love, however, some I believe are just the same, with the same ideas and same opinions. I just feel like the beauty community is getting too overwhelmed. So, these are the reasons that led me to unsubscribe to some channels. So, without further due, let’s get into the post!


Change of content – I do know that this is a delicate topic, because, when channels do grow, the content will change, just maybe because they want to reach a broader audience and, that is normal. However, everyone has its preferences, and the reason why I love beauty videos is, the beauty of it. Makeup and more makeup, that is indeed my passion!

Drama – Now, this is something, that no matter what you do for a living, it will come, that is for sure. But, when talking about people who you love to watch and even, might, admire, they may, at some point said or done something that you took personally or that you do not believe in. That is okay, for everyone to have their opinions, but nobody wants to offend anyone. Just do not get rude at people.

False information – This is something that I just cannot wrap my head around. There is nobody that loves everything that they’ve tried. Even if you’re getting PR, you should always keep you opinions honest. That is the main reason that people do stick. It is also very common, to hear someone say that they love a product, when testing it for the first time, and then, few time later, hey already hate it. And me, the viewer, am standing here, wondering why they change their mind so quickly.

Product’s Hype – I do know that when you love a product, you want to tell everyone about it and about how much you like it. However, just because it works for you, it doesn’t mean that everyone else loves it. Now, saying that you have to drop everything and run as fast as you can to go and purchase that item, it is just crazy. Plus, it all of the products coming out, these products usually get lost on the collection and there’s been years since they touched, because, nobody is talking about that product!

Have you unsubscribed from anyone? Why did you?






Who I’m Loving to Watch – Favourites Youtubers

Hello everyone! I don’t know about you, but I love watching youtube, especially if it is from my favourite youtubers ever! Also, I do really enjoy discovering new youtubers that I enjoy, and I have actually found some wordpress bloggers there as well, so, hi to you!

Now, let’s talk about my favourite youtubers!

Sem Título.png

Casey Holmes – I just adore her! She is so kind and down to earth. Also, an old school youtuber, which I adore, and, doesn’t let herself be caught in drama and just focus on her life! She is probably the only youtuber that I watch every single video she uploads! That’s how much I love her! And, for all the oily skin girls out there, like myself, she is the one who I listen to, when I need products that will work for my skin type! Here is her channel, in case you’re interested!

Tres 9.jpg

I Covet Thee – This one is so simple and girly and delicate. Yeah, that’s the best way to describe her! I love her videos about makeup! She also likes really fresh makeup looks, which I do enjoy! I find her so nice to watch. Here is her channel


Estée Lalonde – This is a youtuber who loves no-makeup looks, which is also what I love. And she always has the most amazing recommendations! I do love to hear her and hear what she has to recommend. Go watch her channel!


Stephanie Lange – She is so adorable, and if you have hooded eyes, you NEED to watch her videos. She has some of the most amazing tutorials for hooded eyes. Plus, she makes it super easy to recreate them! Go check her channel!

Which ones are your favourite youtubers? NA

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Help Needed: Youtube


So, for the past few months I’ve debated if I should start a youtube channel. I mean, I’d love to, sharing my thoughts and advices and maybe some tutorials as well! But on the other hand, you go and put yourself (your face included) out there. And people will see and talk about it (hopefuly good).

So, this post is mainly to know what is your experience with youtube. I’d love to get some feedback as well as some of your experiences, while a youtuber!

Do you have a channel?

Do you enjoy it?

Have you ever had any bad experiences in your channel?

Let me know everything you think down in the comments. The good and the bad! I’ll see you Wednesday, with a new beauty post! NA

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