Long Time No See

Hey you! This post is a more different one since I’ll be doing a life update, why I haven’t been around and what has happened since my last post

If you’ve followed my blogging journey, you might have noticed that I had stopped writing and even considered shutting down my blog. My last post was 4 months ago, that is just crazy! So, what has happened ever since we last spoke? I got married! Yes, that did happen, on the 20th of October. Went on my honeymoon a few weeks later, moved and now here we are! Live has been good, and hopefully, I will have some more exciting news soon!

So, what to expect from now on? We’re back into the business. I will be returning to my blog and keeping the posting schedule (if you want to know more, click here). And you should expect two new posts every week.

Hope to see you here next time!

Love, NA


Thoughts on my iHerb Haul

Hey you! So, last summer, I placed an order in iHerb (use code: NIL0447, if you want to get a discount), and I’ve written a post sharing all the products that I did get ( you can check it here).

So, I find that it’s time that I share my thoughts on those products, since I’ve had time to try them and now I know how I fell about them! So, let’s just get on with the post!


ELF Cosmetics HD Lifting Concealer in Light This is just not my favourite product. The shade is too dark for me and I find that the formula does nothing for me. It does not covers that well.

ELF Cosmetics High Definition Under Eye Setting Powder in Sheer Even though you get the littlest amount of product in this guy, the product itself is amazing! It is so soft and finely mild, that I find it does compare to a high-end powder. It sets the concealer in place, without looking cake or too much. I cannot recommend this one enough!

ELF Cosmetics Hydrating Under Eye Primer – There are some concealer that tend to crease on me and this product does really help with that. It keeps the under eye are moisturized and ready for the makeup to be applied on top. It is a nice product!

ELF Cosmetics Contouring Blush & Bronzer Powder in Fiji-Matte When I got this I thought it would be more pigmented that it actually was, but that is actually not a bad thing. I do really enjoy the bronzer in this palette! And the blush is a nice every day pink shade. This one I’d recommend!

ELF Cosmetics Bronzer Palette in Bronze Beauty I was so excited to finally get this palette. However, I did find that the shades were too light and ended up getting rid of most of the shades, except for the darkest matte bronzer. Even though it looks red-based it looks so natural once on the skin. This palette would be better for those who have a lighter complexion than me. The formula itself, is nice and soft. The product does blend really easily! Overall, a nice product.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them? NA




Posting Schedule: An Update

Hey you! I know I said that the next post would be a makeup tutorial, but, I felt that before getting into the normal posts again, an updated is needed!

Sem Título.png

As some of you may know, for the past months, I’ve been a full-time blogger. However, now, I’m starting on my master thesis, which takes a lot of time, effort and work. But I also, do not want to leave blogging, so I find a common ground: I’ll change my posting schedule!

For the past months, I posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Which was very nice do to and it gave me a lot of time to prepare the posts. But, now, I’ll be posting every Tuesday and Friday. I feel that with this new schedule, the week is equally divided and I should also have a lot of time to prepare my post and work in my thesis.

I do apology for the crazy lack of posts in the last couple of weeks. Now, things are back to normal, and posts are already scheduled and coming your way!

Thank you for the understanding and I’ll see you here next Tuesday!
Also, feel free to let me know what you think about the new schedule! NA

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