How to Successfully Declutter

Hey you! Lately, I’ve been watching so much declutter videos, and let me tell you, those are my absolute favourite along with “shop my stash”, and let me tell you, it has changed my life! I’ve been so inspired by them to start decluttering my life, including, makeup and clothes (I haven’t tacked my shoe […]

Why Doesn’t Our Makeup Look Like Their Makeup?

Hey you! So today we’ll be changing things up. I love watching tutorials or GRWM on Youtube and apart from decluttering and collection videos, those are also, one of my favourites. However, if you do try to recreate that look, you end up with a result that is different from the look which that person […]

Staying True to Your Readers | Blogging Pet Peeves

Hey you! First things first. The next blog post, will probably be a health update, because, some crazy things have happened, and they’re just not the best news, but that’s a different blog post. And, secondly, there will also be a wedding organization update, so that you can know what’s been going on, and maybe […]