Why Doesn’t Our Makeup Look Like Their Makeup?

Hey you! So today we’ll be changing things up. I love watching tutorials or GRWM on Youtube and apart from decluttering and collection videos, those are also, one of my favourites. However, if you do try to recreate that look, you end up with a result that is different from the look which that person created. So, here I share the many reasons I attribute to that, and if you want to know what those reasons are, just keep on reading!

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Cosmetic Surgery/Procedure – Now, a lot of youtubers do not hide the fact that they had cosmetic procedures done, either being fillers, a nose job, laser hair removal or whatever. And, it is one of the main differences. Most people cannot afford cosmetic procedures, and a foundation does look a lot different if you do not have any fine lines or hair on your face.

Brushes – Trust me, I was one of those you did not think that brushes were the thing that was going to make a lot of a difference on applying my makeup, but, trust me, it does. Investing on some good brushes can go a long way, and the same goes for a beauty blender/sponge. Plus, they do have a lot of the same brushes, so theirs are always clean and ready to use, which does not happen to most people.

Technique – Most people are trained makeup artists, which do know the way around the products and, know very well their face. Plus, they have a lot of years of learning and training!

Editing – Keep in mind that the final product (video) that gets to us, most of the time does not correspond to all the work that happened behind the scenes. It does not mean that they did not have to do the same thing several times and perfect it.

Take Away Message – We’re all different and just because some things work for some people it does not mean it will work for all people. Plus, we all have different face shapes, different skin types and skin problems that we need and like to address. Plus, keep in mind that no one knows you face and skin better than you

What is your opinion? Let me know! NA

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  1. So true! Honestly I did not even think about the fact that some of them have surgery and filter and that does make a huge difference. Plus some makeup looks actually look way better on camera then in person. As for the brushes I could not agree more! I notice a huge difference when I use the right tools and when my brushes are clean!

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  2. I agree with all of these! Another thing I noticed is that makeup looks done for youtube & Instagram are normally over the top & I never see anyone walking around with a pound of highlighter on their face so the makeup look you do is normally not going to be like theirs.

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