One Year Later | My Blogging Experience

Hey you! So today we’ll change things up and talk about blogging! So, last Saturday, June the 2nd, my blog, Pink Coma, turned 1 year. One year, that is just crazy how time goes by so fast. So, I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you all about my experience with blogging! So, if you want to know what my thoughts and experiences are, just keep on reading!

My Blogging Experience.jpg

Why did I start blogging

I started blogging because I was spending a lot of time at home, with nothing to do. So, I felt like blogging would be a nice hobby. I love makeup, beauty and testing new products. So, blogging was a nice way to keep me busy and also, to keep sharing my thoughts on products. It sounded like the best of both worlds.

My expectations

I thought blogging was going to be the most amazing thing. I did not though it would give me a lot of work, and I did think that I was going to have a lot of opportunities being a blogger and all.

The reality

Man, was I wrong. Blogging takes a lot of time and commitment, especially if you’re a small blog, like me, and you have to do everything on your own. There are photos that need to be taken, posts that need to be written, scheduled and published. A lot, to do. The opportunities did not come as easily as I first thought and life can also get in the way. I started by publishing three post a week, because I had the time, but after getting back into University for my Master, I quickly realized it was not possible ( I wrote a post going into detail about that). Plus, do not think that you’ll be able to do it all alone. You need to be kind and active on other blogs as well. Keeping up with the community is all very important. So, one year and 570 followers later, I do think that it was all worth it. Let me tell you, I love blogging and sharing my thoughts, but I also love hearing what other people have to say.

What has changed in my life

Nothing. Zero. It is still all the same. And, even though blogging has given me some opportunities (small), there were no changes. And I’m not mad about it. You’ve learned thing and changed them, even if there were no big changes, and no big money. If you love it, go for it.

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  1. Happy first blog anniversary! I started out in 2016 with the same thoughts as you, and I must admit I was kind of disappointed with how my blogging adventure went. I did a hard reset now in April, started over and I think I have a better outlook on things now. Blogging is definitely a learning experience x

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