Products You Bought Just for the Packaging

Hey you! So today, I bring you a different kind of post, all about the makeup products that, let’s admit, you just bought for that packaging. Plus, you maybe have never picked up that product to use it a single time.

However, I do feel like a disclaimer is needed. Some people do actually like to collect limited edition collections or even products that have a collector-worth packaging. However, I do not mean to offend anyone, but I do not believe in that. If you’re buying something, and spending the money on it, you have to use it and make your money worth. Plus, all that matter is the product itself. Now, into the post.


Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Eyeshadow Palette – Now, this has to be the first one that comes to mind, when talking about beautiful packaging. It just seems like suddenly, you are inside The Hatter’s mind. It is just crazy and amazing at the same time.


Moschino + Sephora Limited Edition Colection – Again, this is such a cute looking packaging. I mean, they are all little gold bears, and it couldn’t be any cuter. That is just cuteness overload.


Urban Decay Basquiat Collection – This is such an amazing artist and the packaging couldn’t be any less. Even though the packaging was cardboard, it is such a nice packaging and it was just gorgeous.


MAC x Mariah Carey Collection – MAC is a well-known brand when it comes to beautiful limited-edition package and collections and this one was no exception. The packaging was so extra and so beautiful.

Do you own any of these products? Have you used them? NA

Disclaimer: These images were retrieved from their rightful websites and I do not own any copyrights over them.

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  1. I purchase tarte’s be a mermaid and make waves palette just for the packaging probably. But, as a new makeup user, it was a pretty decent decision since it was my very first palette. I certainly couldn’t say I had any of those colors! That being said, now that I’ve been looking around for a few months, I can see why many beauty influencers were anti hauling it. Color wise, it’s been done.

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  2. Can DEFINITELY see why peeps would but that MAC collection only for the packaging-absolutely gorgeous! I do make it a habit never to buy for the looks of a makeup product alone though haha. XOXO

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  3. I remember everyone was so excited when the Urban Decay and Alice In Wonderland palette was released. I wonder how many people still use that palette? The Moschino x Sephora collaboration is cute!

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