March Favourites | 2018

Hey you! So, today we’ll bring it back to basics and to one of my favourite posts to write and to read! I cannot believe how fast has this year gone by. Soon it will be summer, then the school year is starting and when you realize it, it’s Christmas again. That is just crazy how fast time actually goes! But, today, I’ll be sharing with you my favourite products of the past month and if you want to know what it was, just keep on reading!


L’oreal Paris Purify & Mattify Face Mask – I forgot about this mask. It did come out some time ago, and I purchased it, and totally forgot about it. I’ve been using it this past month and my skin really likes it. It just cleanses my skin, without drying my skin out. Just a good mask to purify the skin and the pores!

Avon ColorTrend Eyeshadow Stix in Creamy Coffee I love my brown eyeshadows and this product is such an easy product to an everyday use. It is so easy to put on the eyes and even easier to blend it out. Plus, it is such a nice colour!

Farsáli Unicorn Essence Skin Enhancing Antioxidant Serum – This is something that took me forever to pick up, just because everyone was talking about it and I felt like this could not be that good. However, I’ve been using it everyday as a face primer. I know, crazy since I have oily skin, however, this is just like a filter in a bottle. It just nourishes the skin and I feel like it helps with the texture of the skin. It is so good!

Bioten Skinnergy Moisturizing Cream-Gel – First of all, this smells amazing. And it is perfect for my oily skin. It moisturizes my skin without being too much for my skin to handle. It is such a nice product.

Freedom Eyeshadow Palette – No shade in particular, since this palette is something that I put together, it does not come with these shades. I had a few of these palettes, and I decided to switch some shades, which are perfect for an every day look. But, I’m loving the formula of these. They are smooth, pigmented (but not over-pigmented) and so easy to blend. It just looks so nice on the eye!

Have you tried any of these products? What were you loving this past month? NA


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