Going on a Low-Buy

Hey you! So, I feel like these past posts were things that I usually do not post about. However, I feel like a change is needed and, even though my love and passion for beauty and makeup are very real, there are also other things that I do like to talk about. So, this time, I’ll be sharing my reasons why I’ll be going on a low-buy. And, if you want to know what those are, just keep on reading.


The reasons: As must of you may know, if you’ve been keeping up with my posts, I’m getting married this year (you can read about my experience so far here). And, marrying is expensive. So, we do need to save some money, so that we do not end up broke! Plus, after the marriage, we’ll be getting our own apartment, and again, we need money to do so.

Why a low-buy and not a no-buy? I adore makeup, and even though my collection is a little bit smaller now, due to some decluttering of the products that I do not like, I still have a lot. However, I like experimenting and trying new products and I could never go without buying some new things to try. So, I feel like the low-buy suits me better, since this way I feel like I can still purchase some things, so I do not feel obligated to not spend money on makeup.

My expectations: I have not set a monthly limit for me, just because, I feel like I would be more tempted to go over that limit. However, I feel like I should be good with the rules that I have so far. Regarding the duration of this low-buy, I want it to go probably until September, which is 6 months. Once we get to September, I’ll decide, if I want to prolong the time until December or just stop.

Let me know if you have done a similar thing and what your experience was! NA

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