Unsubscribing to Beauty Gurus

Hey you! So, today I bring you such a different post for me. Even though some of the beauty gurus I do love, however, some I believe are just the same, with the same ideas and same opinions. I just feel like the beauty community is getting too overwhelmed. So, these are the reasons that led me to unsubscribe to some channels. So, without further due, let’s get into the post!


Change of content – I do know that this is a delicate topic, because, when channels do grow, the content will change, just maybe because they want to reach a broader audience and, that is normal. However, everyone has its preferences, and the reason why I love beauty videos is, the beauty of it. Makeup and more makeup, that is indeed my passion!

Drama – Now, this is something, that no matter what you do for a living, it will come, that is for sure. But, when talking about people who you love to watch and even, might, admire, they may, at some point said or done something that you took personally or that you do not believe in. That is okay, for everyone to have their opinions, but nobody wants to offend anyone. Just do not get rude at people.

False information – This is something that I just cannot wrap my head around. There is nobody that loves everything that they’ve tried. Even if you’re getting PR, you should always keep you opinions honest. That is the main reason that people do stick. It is also very common, to hear someone say that they love a product, when testing it for the first time, and then, few time later, hey already hate it. And me, the viewer, am standing here, wondering why they change their mind so quickly.

Product’s Hype – I do know that when you love a product, you want to tell everyone about it and about how much you like it. However, just because it works for you, it doesn’t mean that everyone else loves it. Now, saying that you have to drop everything and run as fast as you can to go and purchase that item, it is just crazy. Plus, it all of the products coming out, these products usually get lost on the collection and there’s been years since they touched, because, nobody is talking about that product!

Have you unsubscribed from anyone? Why did you?





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  1. Girl, yes! I don’t consider myself a beauty guru, more like beauty reviewer, so please don’t unfollow me! 😂😂😂 (P.S. Thanks for the WP follow!) Negativity gets me the most. I get the feeling of needing to defend oneself, but there’s a point when the negativity becomes the overall feels and that’s when I’m out the door. I don’t allow it in my life, so why would I want it online? One that I’m biggest on is being true to oneself. We can tell, okay? We can all see when someone is not being real, so drop the act and be real. (We would appreciate it! Lol) 😀😀 If people don’t like the real you, let it roll. Okay? There are plenty of people who will.

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  2. Yes so agree with you, can’t deal with all the drama and bitchiness and feel a lot of the time I can’t trust the review. On a few occasions have bought a product they’ve been loving and found it’s awful

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  3. I have unsubscribed from a few.. Some because they’ve changed (i.e gotten more materialistic, focusing more on high end stuff that I can’t afford — and then I’m not interested in watching it because I won’t be buying it anyways). Others I’ve unsubscribed simply because my own interests have changed too, or if there has been drama and a lot of negativity.

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  4. Love this post ! I agree some of them are copycats ,they have the same content, ideas and aesthetic with no originality ! Regardless of the false information that may transmit since most of them are not even makeup artists in the first place !

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