Wedding Plan Friday #1

Hey you! So today I bring you a different kind of post. As you may know, I’m getting married this year. Yes, we already have a date, it’s 20th of October of 2018. And we’re having around 70 guests. I’m so excited!

Wedding Plan.jpg

What to know when planning a wedding?

You’re going to spend money. Like, a lot. Just go into it with an open mind. And if you want to save some here and there, you have do DIY somethings. At least, that is what I find worked for me. So, what am I DIY? My box for all the money offers (that is a tradition where I live) and my wedding ring box (again, it is tradition for a little boy and a little girl deliver the rings). Plus, it is a lot of work! You need to have the time to plan, organize and talk to all of the people.

How to find the best?

Research, research and research! There are so many options out there and, if you want to find the best quality to cost ratio, you need to investigate everyone! That is just needed!

What do I have so far?

I’ve got my photographer sorted. We’re doing an engagement shoot, and I’ll be sharing the photos over in my Instagram! I’ve also got our wedding rings and the flowers for the restaurant taken care of.

What needs to be done? 

Anything and everything. The dress, the rings, the flowers, the church, the cake, the restaurant. Everything. There is so much that you need to think about and to start booking. Plus, let me tell you, the sooner the better!

There will be a few more post about the wedding, the dress and the final one on this series, will be the wedding itself! Cannot wait to share that!

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  1. We got married coming up to 2 years ago now and this brings back all those memories! I was so lucky to find my dream dress on sale when we were finally ready to book everything. We did our own photography and found this little cute venue that we decorated ourselves! I can’t wait to see your others posts!

    Tori |
    Latest blog post: Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

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