February Favourites | 2018

Hey you! I feel like I always say this in every favourites post that I do, but can you believe that the month has already ended? It went by so quickly. Anyway, in today’s post I’ll be sharing the products that I was loving through the month of February. If you want to know what those products were, keep on reading!


Prreti Berry White Eye Serum – This is a Korean beauty product and it has an interesting texture, almost like a gel-like serum. It is really nice under the eyes and I’ve found that it does really help with my fine lines. I do recommed this product.

Kiko Smart Eye Pencil in 800 I’ve forgotten about this product, but I’ve recently pulled it out, just because I was wanting a little something in my water line. However, I find that whites or nudes are too much for my liking, so this guy is perfect. It’s a sheen nude, that just gives a beautiful glow to the water line, making you instantly look more awake. I love it!

Huda Beauty Smokey Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette – Everyone knows Huda Beauty, but I was always a little scared to pick a palette. However, when she came out with these beauties, I could not resist and picked this guy up. Although this is more of a cool-toned eyeshadows, I’m loving them. The pigmentation is amazing and they blend like a dream. I am for sure getting another one!

Fenty Beauty Match Stix in Starstruck I love Rihanna, and yes, that is no reason to purchase and item, but I had to. And it does not disappoints. The pigment is there, the shade is beautiful, and on the skin, it is even more gorgeous. Again, I am for sure getting another of these!

Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing Spot on Instant Gel – I just picked this item, not expecting anything from it, at all. However, when I tested it, it just got rid of the blemishes so fast, like nothing I have ever tried before. Plus, it does last a long time, since a little goes a long way!

What were your favourite products this month? NA

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