Blogmas #3: TAM Beauty Haul

Hey you! So, this time around, I’ll be sharing with you what I got during Black Friday through TAM Beauty’s Website. I had not tried to order anything from this website before, but, it was a smooth experience. Things came well packed and the delivery did not take too much time, even though I paid shipping. Now, if you want to know what I got, keep on reading!


Makeup Revolution Mono Eyeshadows in Delicious, Mocha Love and MMMM I’ve only swatched these, but I cannot tell you how crazy pigmented these eyeshadows are! They are so soft and pigmented and, for the price that they are, it’s just amazing! And, the pans are huge, so there is a lot of product there!

Makeup Revolution Duo Face Sculpt – I decided to pick this up because it reminds me a lot of the Wet ‘n Wild one. The powder is so soft, and it looks like it will be a nice shade. I’ll have to play with it, to know what I think of it!

Freedom Pro 12 Audacious Mattes – I’m a huge fan of matte eyeshadows, so of course I had to pick this up. I’m not going to lie, I did not expect the shadows to be pigmented, but I’m glad that they are! So pigmented and so soft. You cannot go wrong with these.

Makeup Obsessions Blush in Bronze I love blush and this colour looked like nothing that I already had, so I picked it up. The colour is different from the one on their website, but I actually do like it. Again, I do not own anything similar to that, so, it should be fun to play with it!

Freedom Pro Glow in Roar and Meow I was confused about what these products are, but they looked so cute, I could not help myself. I was expecting them to be highlighters, but the darker one looks like it will be a blush instead, which I’m not mad about. I’ll have to play with them!

Have you tried any of these products? NA

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