November Favourites

Hey you! So, first things first! Again, I’m so sorry for not being able to post (again) last Tuesday. It has just been crazy, but hopefully, things will be normal now! Fingers crossed! Next, can we just take a moment to embrace how close Christmas is! It is crazy. Also, let me reveal that I’ll be doing Blogmas! I won’t be posting every single day of the month, but every post, will be Christmas related! That should be interesting!

Now, with all the updates out of the way, if you want to know what I was loving during the month of November, just keep on reading!


Avon Contour Duo – When I got this, I was disappointed because I felt like the contour side was too dark, and the highlighter was pure glitter. And I hate glitter highlighters. However, lately, I’ve been loving the contour side. It just looks so good on!

Rimmel Good to Glow Highlighter in Soho Glow I love this! It is not the most blinding highlighter. It is so subtle, but I’ve been loving to use it as a base for my powder highlighter, and it works so good! Or if I’m having a no-makeup makeup day, I just put it on and it gives the most beautiful sheen to the skin.

Avon Fragrance Rollerball in Far Away This is one of my favourite Avon scents and it lasts so long on my skin. I’ve had it for a long time now, and even though I’ve been using it every day, it is not going anywhere! It just lasts! However, the scent is so nice, quite floral, which I normally do not enjoy.

Maybelline Brow Satin in Dark Brown I love this product for my brows! It is a double ended pencil, which has in one side the pencil and in the other it has a filling powder. I use the pencil to outline the shade of my brows and then I go in with the powder to fill them in, and it looks so good and natural. Plus, it lasts all day. One of my favourite brow products!

What were you loving during this past month? NA

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