Embracing my Oilyness

Hey you! So, first, let me apologize for the lack of post last Tuesday. I had a crazy week at university, but today, we’ll be switching things up and a different kind of post, for me. So, if you want to know what I’m talking about, keep on reading!

So, I don’t know about you, my I’m an oily girl, and in summer it gets 100 times worse, which is normal, the weather is hotter, so there’s more sweat. Anyway, since I can remember I’ve been on the hunt for a primer that would make me completely matte during the day. I’d also buy moisturiser that claimed they’d make the skin matte. Or even skip moisturiser at all. That’s how bad I was. Everything that said matte, I would get it.

However, now, I’m over that. I’ve decided that I’m embracing my oily skin and instead of working against it, I’m going to work with it. I’ve decided to switch my matte primers and grab the more hydrating and dewy ones, because, why not!

Now, let’s talk about the products:


Moisturiser: This is the hardest thing to decide. I’ve tried several and I actually found that many of those that I’ve tried did not do much for my skin. So, I picked up the Ultimate Blends Face and Body Multi-Purpose Soothing Balm and I was tempted to use it on my face. One day I gave it a go, and it completely changed my skin! It smells amazing and it leaves my skin so hydrated and soft, like nothing else!

Primer: Although I still wear a pore minimizing primer or even a silicone-based primer, just because I love them, and I do like how thwy make my skin look. However, let’s be honest, even though the do help a lot to smooth texture and fine lines, they do not contribute for keeping my skin matte, at all. Some of my favourites ar the Porefessional by Benefit and the Anew Visible Perfection Blurring Treatment.

Foundation: Even though I’m not huge on foundation, sometimes I still wear it. And, lately I’m loving a dewier one. Firstly, because it makes my skin looking so healthy and also because when it fades through the day, it looks so natural and does not cake like some matte ones would do. So, the foundation that I go to when I want a little something more it’s the Avon Ideal Flawless Nude Matte Fluid Makeup. I know, it claims to be matte, but trust me, it is not! It’s the most beautiful foundation I’ve ever tried!

Concealer: I find that hydrating concealer are not that easy to find. I most of the times, feel like they all have the same feeling to it, especially the liquid ones. So, this was one of the hardest categories. However, this W7 Saved by the Gel! Concealer is so nice. And, having a gel formula is actually so hydrating to my skin!

Powder: Do not get me wrong, I do still set my face. First of all, I have to and secondly, I like to. However, the powders that I’m wearing now are more hydrating ones, and not that heavy as I used to. This Beautiful Bronze Matte Powder is so nice and finely mild that I actually find that it keeps me hydrated instead of matte. Crazy, huh?

Do you love your skin? Whatare the products that you love to enhance your skin? NA



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  1. Love how you’re trying to work with rather than against your natural skin. I have oily areas on my face also, maybe I should trying work with them as well instead of ever mattifying.

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