Yet Another Avon Haul

As it is known, I do enjoy Avon cosmetics, and every time I have a chance, I get to order some new things to try and enjoy! So, if you want to know what I got, keep on watching!


Avon Glow Shake & Go Bronzer in Light I was so intrigued by this product, and that was the main reason why I decided to pick it up. You just shake it and apply it to the cheeks and, although you need to be careful not to have too much product on the brush, it is a nice product and a cool idea!

Avon Ideal Flawless Nude Matte Fluid Makeup in Bright Quartz I already own this product and it is my all-time favourite foundation! It is so lightweight, and it has a decent coverage. It is such a nice formula. I will repurchase it as long as I live!

Avon Big Colour Eye Pencil in Cream This is a nice eye pencil, a nice champagne colour. I use it as an inner corner highlighter and, some days as a lid shade as well. I mainly depends on what am I feeling for that day. It is creamy and pigmented!

Avon Color Trend Lipstick in Beige Star I do really like this formula of Avon lipsticks and this shade is one that I’ve wanted for so long and I finally picked it up! I haven’t used it yet, but it looks so nice. Can’t wait to put it on!

Avon Power Shine Lipstick in Ruby Shine This is a formula that is really shiny, and it makes your lips look fuller! It’s crazy. And this colour, it’s just like my lips but better, which is what I love. Again, I haven’t tried this shade, but I cannot wait to!

Avon Senses Shower Gel in Raspberry and Vanilla This smells like Christmas and I love it! I’ll be using this so much in these cooler months. It is such a nice pamper for the shower time!

Would you like to see a review in any of these products? What have you picked up recently? NA

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  1. Avon is such a fantastic brand isn’t it. The bronzer sounds very interesting – I have their normal powder bronzer. I also want the shower gel! xx

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