How to Keep up With Posting Schedule While in School

Hey you! So, today I bring a different kind of post, that I hope it will be helpful to some of you that might be in a similar situation as myself.

Let’s start from the top. As some of you may know, I started my blog in the beginning of Summer 2017, and at that time, I was a full-time blogger, and I loved it. However, university started, and I had to write my master thesis (which is no easy thing, but that’s a different post), so I no longer had time to be a full time blogger. So, what changed? If you want to know, keep on reading.

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What to do?

Find a posting schedule that works for you – You don’t have to post every single day in order to have a successful blog, you just have to find what works for you and post high quality content! This was something that I had to change. because I was not able to keep up with my previous schedule. I used to post 3 days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) but now, that is no longer possible, so now I post 2 days a week (Tuesday and Friday, go read the full post here).

Schedule posts – I cannot stress how important this is! I used to be a believer that I could do all. I could take photos, write the post al in the same day as I would post it. It worked when I was a full-time blogger, now, not so well.

Take advantage of your photo sessions – And take as many as you can for future posts! Trust me, when you’re writing the post and scheduling them on your blog, it will come on handy!

So, these were the advices that I found were very helpful to me and I hope that it will be for you too! NA

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