Hair Care Routine | 2017

Hey you! So today, I’ll be talking about my hair care routine! I have slightly long hair, at least for me. It drops down to about half of my back, which is so long, for me! And also, it is very curly, so, this means that it is dry. Plus, my ends are so much thinner than normal, which just means that I get slip ends more easily, so moisture and hydration are a huge struggle!


Shampoo: I do struggle with dandruff shampoo this I do change a lot! I do not like to stick to one just because I find that my hair just gets used to it, and after some time, it just isn’t making many difference. So, usually I do not repurchase a shampoo. The one that I’m using now, it’s by Avon with Tea Tree and Mint and I quite enjoy it, it smells so fresh!

Conditioner: Since I have dandruff I cannot use normal conditioners just because they make my hair so heavy and the dandruff gets so much worse. So, for a long time, I was not using a conditioner, just because I could not find one that would actually work for my hair. However, some time ago, Pantene came out with one that was a foam consistency and it claimed that it would not weight my hair down, and let me tell you, it does not! It is the most amazing thing I have ever purchased!

Mask: This is also something that I quite like to change regularly. Now I’m using Garnier Ultimate Blends Avocado and Shea Butter Mask. First, it smells so good, and it leaves my hair so nourished. It’s amazing!

Detangle: Now, this product is by Schwarzkopf and it is marked as a Express Conditioner Spray, I feel like it works wonders in detangling my hair. Plus it leave it smelling so nice!

What is your hair care routine like? Have you tried any of these products? NA


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