Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer – Review

Hey you! So today, I have a product review for you! This post, as you’ve probably seen, it’s about the Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer. So, if you want to know more, keep on reading!


I do not love my lashes! I do not know about you, by I have super straight eyelashes and it is so annoying! I curl my eyelashes everyday before applying mascara and it does looks amazing for the first 10 minutes, but then, my lashes start to loose to curl and become straight again, which just drives me nuts! So, I’ve been struggling to find anything that would help to keep the curl in my lashes, and when I saw this, I decided it was worth giving it a go!

The packaging: This product comes in a squeezy tube, but has a mascara wand. As most of the Korean products, the packaging is cute. It’s a white with a pink duo chrome shift to it with a silver cap. However, I do not like to have a squeezy tube. I just find it is not practical at all and I’d rather have a normal mascara tube.


The product: This product retails for $7.80. This is a clear “mascara”, which has a crazy scent to it. I mean, you wouldn’t buy an eye product for its scent, but this one has a strong chemical scent, but, if the product does makes my lashes curled, I could actually put up with the smell. This product comes in 3 varieties, which range from what you’re looking for: volume, curling or waterproof, which you can use under and/or over your mascara.

The claims: This transparent fixing gel mascara offers perfect curl / volume / waterproof fix in any environment and climate. Infused with Black Food extracts to condition lashes. After using an eyelash curler, apply under and over mascara to fix the curl and to waterproof.

My experience: I’ve used this product both under my mascara after using my eyelash curler and over my mascara, and I also did try both steps at once. So, I feel like I know what is the best way to use this! So, I did find that I got the best results when, I applied this product over my mascara (but I had to curl them again). I would just keep my lashes look curled all day long, which I could never get, no matter which mascara I used. So, I’ve been loving this product and using it every single day!

Have you tried this? What’s your secret to keep curled lashes? NA

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