Everyday Makeup DIY

Hey you! So last week I decided to run a poll in Instagram (if you don’t follow me, go follow me here) and, most people said that they wanted a post about it, so here it is!

Lately I’ve been so into deppotting things and just making my own palette, just with shades that I love and use! So, know that I’ll be doing more post about deppotting and decluttering! Let me know if you’re excited for it. I did this for my everyday makeup, and every other week, I like to switch things up. So, this was no exception!


The palette: This originally was an Avon trio, with a bronzer, a blush and a highlighter. I actually did not love it, the bronzer was too light for me and the highlighter was way too golden for my liking. But, a few days ago, when I pulled it out to used it, the product just shattered. So, I took it all out and decided to still keep the palette and just make my own palette, where I have the makeup that I’m loving for the daily basics in it! So, if you want to know what’s inside it, keep on reading!


The Bronzer: So, bronzer is something that I cannot go a day without. Same goes for blush though! So, I was so sure that I wanted a bronzer in this little palette. The photo does not make it justice! The colour is so much richer than this. It’s an elf bronzer, from the Bronzed Beauty Palette. It is more red-toned than what I usually like, but I’m actually enjoying it.


The Eyeshadows: So, this may come as a shocker, but all the eyeshadows in here, are ABH, but not the singles, the ones from the Subculture palette. Again, the photo washed them out so badly. Going from left to right, we have Dawn, Mercury and Roxy. Top to bottom, we have New Wave and Destiny. I just love these shades, I can create my everyday look, bronzy and subtle. I love it!

Have you done some DIY projects? What do you love about DIY? NA


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