Who I’m Loving to Watch – Favourites Youtubers

Hello everyone! I don’t know about you, but I love watching youtube, especially if it is from my favourite youtubers ever! Also, I do really enjoy discovering new youtubers that I enjoy, and I have actually found some wordpress bloggers there as well, so, hi to you!

Now, let’s talk about my favourite youtubers!

Sem Título.png

Casey Holmes – I just adore her! She is so kind and down to earth. Also, an old school youtuber, which I adore, and, doesn’t let herself be caught in drama and just focus on her life! She is probably the only youtuber that I watch every single video she uploads! That’s how much I love her! And, for all the oily skin girls out there, like myself, she is the one who I listen to, when I need products that will work for my skin type! Here is her channel, in case you’re interested!

Tres 9.jpg

I Covet Thee – This one is so simple and girly and delicate. Yeah, that’s the best way to describe her! I love her videos about makeup! She also likes really fresh makeup looks, which I do enjoy! I find her so nice to watch. Here is her channel


Estée Lalonde – This is a youtuber who loves no-makeup looks, which is also what I love. And she always has the most amazing recommendations! I do love to hear her and hear what she has to recommend. Go watch her channel!


Stephanie Lange – She is so adorable, and if you have hooded eyes, you NEED to watch her videos. She has some of the most amazing tutorials for hooded eyes. Plus, she makes it super easy to recreate them! Go check her channel!

Which ones are your favourite youtubers? NA

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights over these pictures. All the rights are reserved to their rightful owner.


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  1. Hey look! I actually can find people to talk makeup with even though I am totally new to it. Thanks for the follow! I am enjoying reading back through some of your posts. And I felt the need to state that I totally agree about Stephanie Lange. I have hooded eyes and she gave me the eyeshadow break through that I needed. Prior to discovering her I was about ready to give up on eyeshadow! Now it’s my favorite part of my routine.

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