September Favourites

OMG! Can we take a moment to talk about how fast time has gone by? It’s crazy! But, at the same time, Christmas is right around the corner! Can’t wait for that! And can’t wait for Blogmas (yes, I’ll be doing Blogmas!). Too exciting!

Anyway, this is about my favourites. for the month of September. Although I’ve been MIA in a few weeks in September, I still have favourites to share! And, surprisingly, it is all makeup! So, without further due, let’s jump into it!


YSL Touche ร‰clat Radiant Touch Concealer in 1.5 The main reason why I pulled this out, is because it is almost over it’s shelf live. And, I don’t even know what to call this product, It does not have any coverage at all, but I find it works so well under my eyes. It highlights and conceals my dark circles so well, which I did not thought it would, because it is so lightweight! I’ve been adoring this product!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze I mean, if this was matte, it would be my holly grail product! However, I’ve been loving this colour! I apply it quite dark, with my fingers, and it makes the every day makeup more glamorous. It is such a nice product!

The Balm Cabana Boy Blush – This has been my go-to blush in these autumnal months. It has a more mauve undertone, which complements the season so well. And, on the cheeks, it looks like a really nice flushed colour. Quite natural and flattering, which I thought I’d never say about a mauve blush.

Play 101 Contour Duo – I could swear that this was by Etude House, but apparently, it is not. However, I’ve been loving cream contour now. I know, cream contour was in summer, but, what can I say? This is such a lovely product. Easy to blend and I even like the highlighter side of it. It is so good!

What were you loving in the month of September? NA

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