Dermacol Make-up Cover – Review

Hey you! Today, I’ll be reviewing the Dermacol “foundation”. I mean, I had to! This, however, is a product that most people misunderstand and misuse. The brand itself does not advices to use it as a foundation, but, instead to use it as a concealer.


Claims: Hypoallergenic Waterproof Make-up cover with SPF 30 is preservative free. It provides the perfect coverage even in thin layers not only for dark circles under the eyes, but also for unpleasant sports and skin blemishes. It may also be used for the whole face in order to darken or lighten the skin, ensuring ideal balance or for professional make-up, photos or film shoots, modelling or festive occasions.

My experience: I got the shade 218, which is slightly too pink for me. I haven’t used this as a foundation, just because it’s too much and my skin is quite sensitive. However, I’ve used it as a spot concealer and it works. And it did not break me out, where I applied it. This is a heavy-duty product! It will cover anything and everything! And, once it sets, it won’t move! It is waterproof and nothing will make it move. You can run a marathon with it!


Conclusion: Well, as a spot concealer, I’d definitely recommend it. Will I reach for it? Probably not too often, just because I prefer my makeup more on the natural side. But, when I need more coverage, in certain areas, I’ll for sure grab it. It for sure works! Which leads me to believe it will be the foundation with craziest coverage.

Have you tried this product? What do you think of it? NA

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