Avon Mark Liquid Lip Lacquers – Review

Hey you! Long time, no seeing. But, first of all, a few updates:

  • I own you a huge apology due to the lack of posts in the last days. My sister-in-law just got married and, it was just a crazy week. However, now, things should be getting into normal and I’ll be posting in my regular schedule (Monday, Wednesday and Friday);
  • Secondly, the next post will be the makeup that I wore for the wedding, which is super exciting, since it will be my first makeup tutorial! So, keep an eye out for it!
  • And finally, for the next week, I’ll be doing my master thesis, which, just seems crazy! Wish me luck!

Now, let’s just get into the post!


Recently, Avon released liquid lip lacquers, and I was super excited to give them a go! I do love Avon cosmetics, which are quite nice, so, I ordered a couple of them.


  • The liquid lip lacquers, come in 20 shades and two different finishes: matte and shine. It was hard to narrow it down, but I decided to pick the two nude shades: dare to be bare (which is the matte formula) and nudeitude (which is the shine formula). And, although they’re both nudes, the shades are different, which I do enjoy.


Top: Nudeitude (shine formula); Bottom: Dare to be Bare (matte formula)


  • The shine formula, reminds me so much of the Too Faced Liquid Latex, just a very thick and pigmented gloss. But so comfortable on the lips. And, I also find that hey last quite well on the lips and they do not bleed or move, which I was slightly worried about.
  • For the matte formula, it is like nothing I have ever tried before! It’s a mousse consistency, which makes it super comfortable to wear. I also find, that they do not dry down to a complete matte finish, but more like a satin matte, which I also, do not mind.

Conclusion: I do love this liquid lip lacquers and I’ll for sure be getting a few more shades of these lipsticks.

Have you tried these liquid lip lacquers? NA


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