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So, for the past few months I’ve debated if I should start a youtube channel. I mean, I’d love to, sharing my thoughts and advices and maybe some tutorials as well! But on the other hand, you go and put yourself (your face included) out there. And people will see and talk about it (hopefuly good).

So, this post is mainly to know what is your experience with youtube. I’d love to get some feedback as well as some of your experiences, while a youtuber!

Do you have a channel?

Do you enjoy it?

Have you ever had any bad experiences in your channel?

Let me know everything you think down in the comments. The good and the bad! I’ll see you Wednesday, with a new beauty post! NA

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights over this picture.

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  1. I have a YouTube Channel, you can check it out at I actually really love doing it. I’m a small YouTubed and I still have lots of areas to improve and learn, but I feel like it’s such a creative outlet.

    I think that I improve a little bit more with each video, and it is always exciting to get to interact with new people.

    However, it has its downsides as well. I uploaded a story time video and it got HUGE traction (like 30K+ views, which is huge for me) and although I got some good feedback, I also got A LOT of hate – which was very new for me.

    At first, I found it absolutely necessary to defend myself or further explain because people were making assumptions that were making putting me in a negative light. It was just recently that I learned I needed to let all of that go.

    Like Dita Von Teese once said, “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in all the world; and there’s still going to be someone out there who hates peaches.”

    My #1 piece of advice is to START! Don’t wait for better equipment, better lighting, etc etc. Strive for progress not perfection, and stay true to yourself.


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  2. I don’t have a YouTube but I enjoy subscribing and watching videos there. Many YouTubers share that it takes 5 to 6 years before they reach “meaningful” numbers of followers (think over 100k) and I believe it. I prefer blogs for swatches and reviews personally, but I do enjoy YouTube for more quirky things like “Get Ready With Me” videos and challenge videos.

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  3. I’m actually debating rn whether to start making YouTube videos myself again. Its really scary knowing that if you put a video up anyone can see you and say anything they want to but if you really want to do this, I’d say go for it. I would definitely subscribe to you (:

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