Makeup Hacks and Tips #2

Hey you!  Today I’ll be sharing with you some more makeup hacks and tips that I use everyday! I’ve done a post like this before, so feell free to go and check it here!

Sem Título.png

Puff for powder – Instead of dusting it all over, like you do with a brush, just pressing it into the skin can make a huge difference. The skin will not have that powdery look like it does when the powder is applied with a brush. Plus, it helps the makeup stay on longer!

Oil before foundation – Now, I’m an oily girl, so when I heard this one, I thought I’d never tried it, I had enough oils in my skin, there was no need for more! However, one day my skin was feeling too dry, more than it had ever felt, so I decided to give it a go. And now, trust me when I say that this makes a world of a difference! It makes the foundation go on so much easier and it looks so healthy!

Pressing down the setting spray – Before, whenever I applied setting spray, I’d just spray it onto my face, and went on with my day. However, if you take the time to apply the setting spray to a sponge and then press it in to the skin, the makeup will last so much more!

Hair bun colour swatch – You know that big hair buns that look like a donut? Yeah, those. They work amazing as a colour swatch, and if you’re slightly lazy like myself, you’ll find this one so helpful when applying eyeshadow and just don’t want to change brushes!

Let me know what are your favourite hacks. Also, have you ever heard about these ones? NA

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