If I Could Only Keep 3 Pressed Powders

Hey you! Today I’ll be sharing with you what three powders I like and if I could only have three, they would definitely be these! But, I could never have only three powders, who am I trying to mislead here?

I love these for different reasons, and if you want to know more, keep on reading!


Essence Mattifying Compact Powder – This is such a finely mild powder from the drugstore and I love it! I’ve used so much and almost every day that I put concealer on. It has a huge dent on it and I’m close to hit pan, for sure. I love it to set my under eyes as well as my face! So affordable and so good!

MAC Studio Fix Powder – Now, this is some heavy-duty powder. I use for times when I want more coverage on the face or on a certain spot and it is my go-to powder in winter! And it works wonders on covering breakouts!

Beautiful Bronze Matte Powder – This is a recent discovery for me, but I quite enjoy it! I matches my summer skintone beautifully and, even though it has a strange scent to it, I quite enjoy it! It does not make the skin look powdery, at all.

What are your favourite powders? NA


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