Mini Avon Haul

Hey you! Today I’ll be sharing with you my recent picks from Avon.

I’m aware that Avon is a brand that is slightly controversial in the beauty community, due to some people thinking that it is not a good brand or they do not have good products. However, I buy from Avon since forever now, and I quite enjoy their products, so I’ll keep buying, just because, I think that they’re actually nice! So, without furthr due, let’s jump into it!


Pur Blanca Body Lotion – I own a lotion version of my favourite Avon perfume (which is Far Away, if you’re wondering). However, I’ve recently tried this perfume and I quite enjoy it, it is a very “pure” scent. So, I just picked a body lotion.

Contour Duo – This looks promising! The contour looks amazing and so does the highlighter. I’ll give it a go and hopefully it will look as good on the skin as it does in the pan!

Calming Effects Powder Foundation in Nude – Now, I already own this foundation but in a slightly darker shade and I love it (I think I love it more than the Bare Minerals one). So, I picked a lighter shade for the cooler months!

Big & Multiplied Mascara in Brown Black – I love a good brown mascara, especially in those no-makeup days. It just looks so natural. So, I picked this one to see how much I like it.

Extra Lasting Concealer in Fair – I love trying new concealers! It’s one of my favourite things to try! Also, I really like the Extra Lasting line, so this concealer looks good and full coverage, which is always nice! And this shade, it’s perfect for under the eyes!

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  1. That concealer sounds great! Since you said you like trying new concealers…if you haven’t tried out the Wet n Wild concealer roller stick I definitely recommend that one. Its so easy to apply and stays on well xoxo

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