Skincare Staples

Hey you! Today I’ll be sharing with you my skincare staples! These are products that I always keep in my collection which I use religiously and always go back to.

I do not include some of my other skincare steps, such as serum or oil just because I do experiment with these a lot, but I haven’t the ones that I unconditionaly love. However, the ones that I’m currently loving I cannot feature on my blog, since I do not know where they were from. Let’s jump into it!


Biotherm Foaming Cleanser Gel – When I first used this I was not that impressed. However, I kept reaching for it, and in the long term, I did see improvemenets in my skin texture and oils. I also find it not too harsh that I strips my skin down. So, now, this is one of my favourite cleansers.

Biotherm Invigorating Toner – Now, I have talked about this product before, and I love it. I’ve repurchased it so many times and, even though I also try other toner, this is the one that I compare them to. It is just too good! It hydrates the skin and it does not feel heavy or leaves any film on the skin.

Avon Planet Spa Luxuriously Refining with Black Caviar Facial Moisturizer – From all the moisturizers that I have ever tried, I’ve never found anything that comes slightly close to this one. It moisturizes my skin and keeps me matte. I mean, all day, matte. It is just perfection! However, this seems to be discontinued from Avon. I’d love to know if I can still get it.

L’oreal Pure-Clay Purify and Mattify Face Mask – When I first tried this I did not had high hopes for it. Just because it seemed to good to be true. However, this mask will keep my skin matte. It is amazing. It does not feel too harsh to my skin (which is quite sensitive) and it works really nice. Especially for my oils!

Let me know what are your skincare staples! NA


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