Vichy Pore Purifying Clay Mask – Review

Hey you! And welcome back or welcome, if you’re new here! Today, I’ll be sharing with you my thoughts on the Vichy Purifying Clay Mask. Now, this has to be the first mask that I try from Vichy, so, we shall see how this works out. Also, let me tell you that this is a sample that came with something else that I purchased, so if I do enjoy this product, I’ll for sure get the full size!

Now, let’s jump into it!


Cost: Full size retails for $20 which is not expensive, considering that you get 75 mL. Also, there is samples available for trial for $3.50.

Claims: Suited for all skin types, with shine and enlarged pores.
This clay mask is rich in two white clays [Kaolin, Bentonite] that act like a ‘magnet’ to draw out excess sebum and impurities from the skin. Combined with Aleo Vera extracts to hydrate and sooth skin and Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water to help strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier function and protect against aggressors. Paraben-free.


My experience: Now, beware that this mask smells a lot like clay also, it has a thick texture so a little goes a long way. While on the skin, it feels super lightweight and highly moisturizing to the skin. You can still smell it while it is on, but for me, the smell does not bother me. After rinsing it off, the skin feels super hydrated and so smooth. And, call me crazy but my pores seem to be smaller and for sure a lot cleaner.

Conclusions: This mask is a new discovery for me and once I leave the house I will purchase the full size of this. It’s amazing! Highly recommended!



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