My Bucket List

Hey you! Today, we’ll be changing things up, since I’ve decided to share with you my bucket list! I hope you enjoy this post and I do hope that some of these may inspire you to go and do what you’ve been wanting to do for so long! Also, please know that these are not arranged in any particular order.


  1. Get married;
  2. Rent a house;
  3. Have a baby;
  4. Buy a house;
  5. Go to Iceland, Hawai, Poland and London;
  6. Visit Thailand;
  7. See the Tour de France in person;
  8. Have a spa day;
  9. Be contacted by a PR brand;
  10. Be a bridesmaid;
  11. Go to the Olympics;
  12. Fly first class;
  13. Go to a blogger event;
  14. Host a giveaway;
  15. Learn Latin;
  16. Get my own blog domain;
  17. Visit the Vatican City;
  18. Visit Santorini;
  19. Visit South Korea;
  20. Dye my hair;
  21. Own a car;
  22. Finish my degree;
  23. Grow my hair out;
  24. See the Mona Lisa;
  25. Live in a different country;
  26. Go to Dracula’s Castle;
  27. Learn Yoga;
  28. Go on Erasmus;
  29. Get a job;
  30. Win something (a giveaway, a lottery ticket, anything);
  31. Go on a cruise;
  32. Spend Christmas in some place that has snow;
  33. Go to Opera;
  34. Watch a meteor shower;
  35. Have a walk-in closet;
  36. Drive down Route 66;
  37. Shop in New York City with my best friend;
  38. Have a photo shoot;
  39. Learn Russian;
  40. Meet Johnny Depp;
  41. Let my hair grow really long;
  42. Kiss my boyfriend in the rain;
  43. Get a pet rabbit;

These are most of the things that I want to do in the next few years. I will be uploading you, on what I’ve accomplished and what has been more difficult to do. Also, there’s a few things that I have already done.

Let me know what is in your bucket list! NA

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