Top 5 Concealers

Hey you! Today we’ll be talking about my favourite concealers. Since I do not wear foundation (unless I have a special event to go to), concealer is a major part of my routine and one of my favourite products to buy and try.

FORMULA: When it comes to formula, I do not have a specific type of formula that I love. It all depends on if it works for me and my skin type. Most of the time I love cream, stick and pot concealers. However, I do feel that a lightweight formula is a must and it also need to have a decent coverage. And, having oily skin, it also needs to stay in place all day.

Now, on to my top 5:


LA Girl Pro Concealer – This is such a good drugstore concealer that I definitely love. It has amazing coverage. I own three colours and love them all. It is for sure one of my all-time favourite concealers. I love the applicator and I love the coverage of it! Love it!

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer – An oldie but a goodie. This is one that I did not expect to like because I felt that it wouldn’t hold in my oily skin. However, I love it. I own 2 shades of this concealer and it’s amazing! Quite a good coverage and it really lasts on me!

Catrice All Round Cover Stick Concealer – I have mentioned this concealer in my blog before and it must be one of my favourites. Great price tag and amazing coverage. Although it is a stick it has a creamy and moisturising finish to it. I definitely need to get more shades.

MAC Moisturecover Concealer – I own a few shades of this concealer and this is such a nice concealer! It’s quite liquid but I do really enjoy it. Also, it has an amazing coverage to it and it feels like nothing on the skin.

W7 Skin Fresh Concealer – This is a new addition and I quite enjoy it! And it really does what it claims. It’s very light and moisturising to the skin, with an amazing coverage. Plus, it’s really affordable and a good drugstore alternative. And I find that it lasts really well on my oily skin, which is always nice!

Let me know what are your favourite concealers! NA

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  1. My favourite is the one by Black Radiance which in a stick form.
    Loved your post and I have also nominated you for the versatile blog award!!!💖


  2. My favourite is the Black Radiance stick concealer. I love because it creamy and in a stock so it’s pretty easy to use and feel a pretty like on my skin!
    I have also nominated you for the versatile blog award💝

    Liked by 1 person

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