Makeup Must-Haves For Summer

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be sharing with you what are my summer must-haves when it comes to makeup and some other products.

I live in an island, where it gets super hot. Like really hot. But, personaly, I do NOT love summer, but I do LOVE autumn and winter. However, I need to survive it and still look good in this time of the year. So here I show you what I like, from skin protection and care to makeup itself.



I cannot stress how much this is important. This should be worn before primer to protect the skin because UV radiation causes damage to the skin and, in the long-term there will be signs of it, such as spots and premature aging.
Since I have oily skin, in summer, things get worst. So, to overcome this, I like to use a sunblock that also helps with oils (yes, they do exist). I’m currently using this moisturizer with SPF since I’ve run out of the SPF. I’ve ordered it, but it hasn’t arrieved yet (The Face Shop does one that’s really nice) .



This is a step that I cannot live without independent of the season. In the summer, I like to go for something that will really keep my makeup in place. This has to be a heavy-duty primer and not as hydrating as the primer that I use in the cooler months.



Overall, I’m not a huge foundation lover. And, especially in summer, I like to keep things very fresh and BB cream is a good way to do it. It allows my skin to breath and, suprisingly, it does last a long time on me. So, defenitly, a mush-have.



Ditch the blush and bronze that skin away! Even if you haven’t been near the beach, bronzer is a good tool to makeup look healthy and glowy in the summer. And, since it is summer, I love a bronzer that will leave a sheen in the skin.



This is a must-have all year long. However, in summer, a highlighted look is very healthy and fresh. I do not like glittery highlighters. I prefer those that bring a sheen to the skin, making it seem like you’re glowing from within.



I LOVE my nudes, but in summer, a bold lip is definitely the way to go. A bold lip never hurt nobody! In this season, I do wear a lot of bright pinks and oranges but not that much reds. I just find, that especially a bright orange lip, screams summer.



If you’re like me, you need a setting spray to ensure that the makeup lasts all day long! However, the ones that I’ve tried to far seem to silicone based, so I just go in with rose water (whatever brand I have) and I use this as a setting spray as well as a refresher through the day. And I find that it works really nice!

Let me know what are your summer must-haves! NA



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  1. Thank you for your summer makeup tips :). The only product I have used here is the Benefit primer, love it! To be honest, when it’s hot you don’t feel like wearing much makeup! It is nice to wear bright lipstick in the summer, though

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  2. I like that Avon setting spray, it is really good, it really helps makeup to stay on all day. What do you think about that Color TREND primer, is it any good? xx

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    1. Yeah, this is one that I quite like, even though I don’t enjoy most of the setting sprays. Yes, I quite enjoy it. I find that it works really nice and quite similar to the porefessional. It really blurs the complexion

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  3. I love products that are in a stick type applicator, I find them a great travel item and super easy to use. Collection do a great contour stick that I think would work well with your highlighter stick, so I of course will need to buy it….Thanks for recommendations

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