Makeup Hacks and Tips

Hey you! Today we’ll be discussing some makeup hacks and tips that are super helpful and that I actually use on a daily basis. Some of these you may already know, but I hope that at least one, is new! So, let’s jump into it!

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Sticky notes: Yes, I know… You must be thinking why would I need that for my makeup. However, if you struggle with eyeshadow application and end up with a mess or can never get that eyeliner on fleek, fear no more! Instead of applying tape to the corners of the eyes, try to apply sticky notes. They are not as harsh as tape is and they won’t damage the skin as much. However, always try to remove the excess glue on any product that you may use for similar purposes.

Saline solution: If you ever find that your mascara just dried on you, use saline solution to revive it. Some people use eye drops, but personally I enjoy the saline solution more, I find that it works better.

Heat up that eyelash curler: If you’re like me and struggle to get the curl to hold in your lashes, heat up your eyelash curler with your hairdryer (just a bit, and wait until it slightly cools down before sticking it on your eyelashes). Trust me, the curl will hold for a longer time.

Warm the mascara: Stick your mascara tube next to your body (specifically next to the boobs) to warm it up. It makes the mascara application easier and less prone to clumping. I know, strange, but a good one.

Eyeshadow primer on the face: When I first heard this one I was shocked, so I decided to try it and test it, and it works. So if you struggle with foundation settling in to fine lines apply eyeshadow primer to those areas and then apply the foundation normaly. It won’t settle into those lines anymore.

Eyebrow powder for contouring: Since eyebrow powder has a ashier undertone, it will make a more natural looking contour. I do not use this one all over the face, just on the nose, and I find it makes a nice difference.

What is your favourite hack? NA

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  1. Yay!! Another person who won’t think i’m crazy for putting the blow dryer on my eye lash curler for a few moments before using!! Its the best trick ever!! AND i’m not standing there like a pleb for ages trying to get the same effect!!! Definite winner from me!! Heating the mascara is a new one for me so will so be trying that!!! Love this!! Please tell me there’s more coming??!?!? xxxx

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