Bedside Beauty Products


Hey you! Today I’ll be sharing with you the products that I keep by my bedside table. These are products that include some beauty but also some health-related medicines. I try to keep my bedside table organized, so I tend not to keep too many products there.


Laino Grand Nord Crème Main Karité – I have quite dry hand, especially in summer (I know, strange), so I always keep a hand cream by my bedside. This is usually very changeable, but now, it’s the one that I’ve been using. This is such an amazing hand cream. My mom was the one who introduced me to it and we’ve both been using it for years. Smells like karité and keeps my hands moisturized through the night.


Vaseline – This is something that I always have by my bedside and I use it for everything. When I have dry lips, I put this on at night and in the morning, I have very soft lips ready for lipstick. When I’ll ill I tend to get very dry and flaky skin around my mouth and nose and I use this to hydrate that skin and it works amazing.


Blistex Lip Balm – For those days when my lips are not super dry, I find that there is no need to apply such a thick product as the vaseline. So, I just apply a lip balm. This is also a product that constantly changes.


Elulgel – This is not a bauty product but since it’s by my bedside, I thought I should mention it anyway. This is a tooth gel for when I have very bad toothache. This does not happen that often, but I keep it here anyway. And I also keep some tablets, just in case I need it.


Avon Multipurpose Cream – This cream can be used as a hand, body or face cream. For those days, when I run out of my hand cream, I like to go in with this cream. It also smells amazing.


Argan Oil – Before going to sleep I also really enjoy putting some argan oil into my hair so it does get dry and damage from sleeping.

What are the products that you keep by your bedside? NA




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