Favourite Hairstyling Products

I have very curly and untamed hair which is very prone to get frizzy very fast. Most of the days I take a shower at night, so when I wake up, I find that my hair is nice and curly, so I just put some argan oil in it and that’s enough. However, somedays I want more defined curls (which results in very short hairs) and I also enjoy straightening it, which, again will lead to the same problem: frizz. In order to stop it (or at least) minimize it, these are the products that I trust.


Tresemmé Make Waves Hairspray – This is such an amazing styling hairspray. It holds my curls in place all day and does not make my hair crunchy. Plus, it smells really good.

Tresemmé Imperfect Waves Mousse – For the days when I want more relaxed curls, this is my favourite product. It gives such a nice texture to the hair and relaxed beachy waves.

Tresemmé Diamond Strenght Heat Protector Spray – For days when I want my hair straight this is what I use to protect it. This is a good product and I find that I reach for it more, since it is a spray.

Llongueras Straitening Cream – Trust me, you need this brand in your life! This is the best product for protecting the hair from heat damage and for maintaining it straight through the day.

Llongueras Curling Gel – This makes my curls super bouncy and shiny. Like nothing I have ever tried and trust me, I have tried a lot. Like a lot. And this brand, for sure has the best hair products, a salon quality at such an affordable price.

Let me know what are your favourite hairstyling products! NA.


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