July Goals

Hey you! With this month coming to and end, I thought it would be nice to share my goals for the month of july.

First, just a little update. These past days I have been all over the place when it came to posting. I don’t really know why, but, from now on, post will be up, on the normal scheduling (monday, wednesday and friday).

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Since college has ended this semester, I now have more time in my hands (which means more posts!) but it also means that I do not have much things to do. So, I do want to get out more. Go shopping or go the beach or even just go for a walk. Anything is better than staying home all day.


Lately I have been sticking to it a lot more, however, I feel like I can do better. So I’ll stick to my workout routine and I’ll go for a run, every other day. This is something that I haven’t done in forever, but now, that I have more time in my hands, I should be able to do it more.


Yes, I know. Water! I love water, but most of the time I just get lazy about it. When I was in college, I used to drink at least one liter a day, now, not even half a liter. Which is just a shame. Water is really good for you and even better for your skin, and since I stopped drinking it, my skin has defenitely noticed it.


How doesn’t need to save more money? However, I have some Kylies Cosmetics Vacation Collection items coming my way. However, the Skinny Dip Face Duo (which is the one that I wanted the most) I couldn’t get it. But, now that I’m not in college or working, I sure need to save more, because I’m not getting paid every month now. I cannot wait to get my own job, but for now, I just need to save more.


This might seem like a strange one, but as some of you may know I suffer from venous disease (let me know if you like to see a post fully dedicated to it and my surgery), which is quite painful and not great. So, I find that massages (specially the ones involving electric stimuli) really help with it. And since it has gotten worse this past weeks, I am in desperate need of one.

Disclaimer: I do not own any right over this picture.

Tell me what are your july goals! NA





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  1. This month I’m going to move to another country, I was waiting for this July since last year. Now I’m a little nervous šŸ˜© but I’m so happy that July is finally here. ā¤

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