Favourite Body Products

Hey you! Today I’ll be sharing with you my favourite body products. My body is extremely dry but when it comes to moisturising my body, I’m extremely lazy so I tend to look for product that will be absorbed fast into the skin and those which will not leave a film on my skin. So here I share my favourite products. They are quite affordable and they provide amazing results.


Natural Honey Body Lotion for Tired Legs – This is one of my all-time favourite brands when it comes to moisturising my body. I have several of their products and I love every single one. Since most of the days I spend a lot of time on my feet my legs get a lot tired (also because I suffer from chronic venous desease) and this trully helps.

Dove Derma Spa Silky Body Oil – This is such an amazing product. It will leave your skin super soft and adds a nice shine to it. It smells amazing and now, for summer, it is such an amazing product to make this skin felland look healthy.

Vasenol Spray & Go – This is one of my all time favourite products. First of all, you just spray it and it is good to go! It is quickly absorbed into the skin and will leave the skin super soft and moisturised. Such an amazing product.

Dove Purely Pampering Body Lotion – This is a new acquisition for me. However, I found myself reaching for it a lot. It smells amazing and makes the skin super soft and amazing.

This is all my current favourite body lotions and oils which are working very well for me and for my skin type.
I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you in my next post.
Love you,


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