How To Stay Healthy While in College

Hello everyone. Today I decided to change things and instead beauty (which I love), I’ll talk about lifestyle. A few tips and tricks in how to stay healthy while in college. Hope you find it helpfull and feel free to share in the comments what you do to maintain your life healthy.


Speaking from my experience, college will be the most challenging time of your life. There will be no time for friends or fun. There will be a lot of works to do and a lot of exams to pass. However, you will meet some amazing people, friends that you will take for life.

First, try to cook. Try to plan your meals around your schedule to the best of your ability and stick to it. Cooking on the weekend is a good system. This will help you to save some money, since you are not always eating out and you will find that it does not take any time at all and, more important, you’ll love what you just cooked. May not be perfect at the first time, but you’ll get there!

Secondly, find healthy foods that you love, you should enjoy your food and not feel forced to eat it. And keep in mind that even if a food seems healthy, that doesn’t mean it’s right for you and your digestive system.

Bring your water bottle with you everywhere. This is a good habit for your body and it will reflect on your skin.

And finally work out. Either at the gym or just jogging around campus is a good idea and it also helps with the stress from all the work and exams.

Hope you enjoy and I’ll see you soon.
Love you,

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