Loua Face Sheet Masks

Hey you! Today I’ll be reviewing this new brand at the drugstore, Loua by Laurence Dumont.
Hope you enjoy it.

First, about the brand:
Based near Agen in Estillac, France, this brand was founded in 1987 to offer consumers perfumes and body care of a professional quality level, which could then be used at home. In 2006, Régis Lelong took over the company and gave it a new dynamic, oriented towards the two areas of expertise: perfumes and hair removal. The first ambition was to innovate to better meet the new expectations.
Back in 2009 Laurence Dumont BIO was created, the first line of organic hair removal sold in GMS. After this, a lot of hair removal products and perfumes were introduced to the market, either for men or woman. Laurence Dumont offers high quality products at an affordable price. The brand has many products awarded by the Victoires de la Beauté.

Now, about the maks:
There are several face sheet masks available, either being for anti-blemish. anti-aging, brightening and so on. You get a wet face mask containing 23 mL of product, and you need to leave it on for 20 min.

I have tried the anti-blemish, which has green tea and the brightening which has vitamin C. Since I have quite oily skin, I was super excited to try the anti-blemish and let me tell you, it works wonders. It left my skin feeling super hydrated and nourished. And in the next day, the blemishes were gone and my skin was matte. This has to be one of the best masks I have tried so far. Such a great drugstore find. So highly recommended.


Hope you enjoyed it.
Love you



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